Warehouse Lighting

High ceilings require a high level of illumination. Make the right choice when it comes to the lights you’re using in your warehouse storage facility. Our high-powered, high-illumination options are here to ensure that you’ll get the light that you need where you need it without costing you extra on your monthly energy bills. Take a look at our efficient lighting options and find the solution to your company’s warehouse or storage lighting concerns.


The Perfect Warehouse High Bay

One linear high bay to rule them all. This light eliminates the need to buy one kind of light for your warehouse racking and another for your open areas.

Field-Selectable High Bay Lighting

There are a lot of high bays on the market, so, why would you want to buy a color and wattage adjustable version over a standard one?

Swing Up LED Retrofit Kit for High Ceilings

Eliminate the expense of disposing of your old fixtures. Simply convert your linear fluorescent high bays in place using the easiest kit on the market.

3 Reasons To Choose ELEDLights

With us, it’s not just about the lights. It’s about making sure you get the best service possible.