LED Exit & Emergency Lighting

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Meet building codes and ensure the lights are on when you need them most. Install our compact exit & emergency light fixtures, or convert new LED fixtures into emergency-ready lighting with backup drivers. Long-life LED technology will provide protection for years to come.

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Dual Head LED Emergency Light with Battery Backup
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LED Exit Sign
Sale price$36.88
LED Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combo
Sale price$54.88
LED Exit/Emergency Light Combo - Remote Capable
Sale price$61.88
High Output LED Emergency Light - Remote Capable
Sale price$61.88
20W LED Emergency Driver
Sale price$104.88
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40W High Bay LED Emergency Driver
Sale price$154.88
40W UFO High Bay LED Emergency Driver
Sale price$179.88
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50W Hazardous Location Luminaire with Emergency Backup

Six mounting options

Sale price $482.00 ‐ $618.00
4ft LED Tube - 14W / 1,800 lm - with Emergency Backup - Pack of 25

Everyday lighting with emergency battery backup

Regular price$2,198.75 / $87.95 ea
Sale price $1,873.75 / $74.95 ea 15% OFF

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About Our Emergency Lighting Solutions

Exit & Emergency Lights

Comply with building codes, without the bulk. The efficiency of LED technology allows for smaller back-up batteries without sacrificing emergency operation time. Smaller batteries mean lighter weight and lower-profile fixtures.

Emergency Backup Drivers

LED battery backup drivers are after-market add-ons that allow ordinary LED fixtures to operate as emergency lighting during power outages. Backup drivers are often installed in LED high bay lights, panel lights, and troffer lights.

LED Lights with Built-In Emergency Lighting

These LED lights function as normal lighting until a power outage occurs, at which point they switch over to emergency lighting. Because the emergency battery, driver, and test button are integrated into the fixture, the only thing you need to do is install the lights in your location.