Individualized Attention

The only lighting company to have dedicated franchise support & extensive experience working with franchisors and franchisees.

Why ELEDLights: Franchise Experience

With ELEDLights, you will receive ongoing support from our dedicated franchise team. The lighting design plans we provide will be tailored to your brand's identity - no "one-size-fits-all" solutions here! Get started with your custom franchise plan and get an easy-order price list, making it super easy for new locations to remain brand-friendly.

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New Construction

Become an ELED Franchise Partner!

Whether you’re an established owner looking to expand to a new location, or a new franchisee who could use a hand getting started, ELEDLights has your back. Call or email Keith Eisenberg, our dedicated Franchise Account Specialist, to get started. Or, fill out the Franchise Program Inquiry form below.


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Lighting Simulation

Assembling LED boards

Actual Lighting

Franchise Planning for the Future

Building a custom franchise lighting plan with ELEDLights sets up all your locations for success - even the ones years down the road. Future locations will enjoy easy ordering of on-brand lights, plus access to all our helpful services!


More Than a Lighting Supplier

ELEDLights is here to make your franchise shine. That means offering a variety of services like layouts, concept designs, unique product sourcing, and rebate processing to ensure your franchise's lighting project goes perfectly. We're ready to tackle retrofit projects, new constructions, historic renovation, net zero builds, and more, so reach out today to get started!