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25W Mini LED Wall Pack with Photocell - 2,600 lm - 104 lm/W

2,600 lm • 104 lm/W • Photocell

Regular price$44.88
Sale price $37.95 15% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
40W Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack with Adjustable Head - 5,200 lm - 130 lm/W

Dark sky • 5,200 lm • 130 lm/W

Regular price$84.88
Sale price $73.95 13% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
38W Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack - Color & Power Selectable - 158 lm/W

Dark sky • 2,400 to 6,600 lm • 158 lm/W

Regular price$82.95
Sale price $76.95 7% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
40W Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack
Regular price$94.88
Sale price $76.95 19% OFF
65W Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - 7,900 lm - 122 lm/W

7,900 lm • 122 lm/W

Regular price$90.95
Sale price $82.95 9% OFF
Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - CCT & Power Adjustable - Up to 128 lm/W

Up to 8,300 lm • 128 lm/W

Regular price$104.88
Sale price $90.95 13% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
90W Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - 10,500 lm - 117 lm/W

10,500 lm • 117 lm/W

Regular price$105.95
Sale price $93.95 11% OFF
Selectable Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack

30W-63W or 63W-108W
Up to 14,040 lumens

Sale price $98.95 ‐ $110.95
67W Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack with Adjustable Head - 8,800 lm - 131 lm/W

Dark sky • 8,800 lm • 131 lm/W

Regular price$124.88
Sale price $100.95 19% OFF
100W Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack - Color & Power Selectable - 155 lm/W

Dark sky • 6,250 to 15,500 lm • 155 lm/W

Regular price$114.95
Sale price $100.95 12% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
135W Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack - 20,000 lm - 148 lm/W

Dark sky • 20,000 lm • 148 lm/W

Regular price$149.88
Sale price $104.95 30% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
80W Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack with Adjustable Head - 10,500 lm - 131 lm/W

Dark sky • 10,500 lm • 131 lm/W

Regular price$113.95
Sale price $106.95 6% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
125W Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - 15,400 lm - 123 lm/W

15,400 lm • 123 lm/W

Regular price$116.95
Sale price $107.95 8% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
80W MaxLite Open Face LED Wall Pack Color Selectable - 9,600 lm - 120 lm/W - Control Ready

3 CCTs • 9,600 lm • 120 lm/W

Regular price$204.88
Sale price $159.95 22% OFF
Ships 1-2 days
MaxLite Open Face LED Wall Pack - Wattage & Color Selectable - Control Ready

3 CCTS • 10,640 to 15,730 lm • 133 lm/W

Regular price$247.88
Sale price $213.95 14% OFF

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Choose the Best Commercial LED Wall Pack for Your Needs

ELEDLights offers a range of wall pack styles, allowing you to match existing wall pack design, meet dark sky requirements, direct light creatively, or even upgrade your existing fixtures to take advantage of LED energy savings and longevity.

Semi Cutoff Wall Packs

Designed to look like the wall packs you’re used to, our standard LED wall packs offer unobtrusive styling combined with bright, energy-efficient light rated to shine for an average of 50,000 operating hours.

Full Cutoff Wall Packs

When dark sky compliance is required, we have you covered with a range of full cutoff wall packs designed to prevent light contamination of the night sky.

Wall Pack LED Retrofits

Keep your existing fixtures but enjoy all the benefits of LED technology by simply disconnecting the ballast in your current fixture and re-lamping the fixture with an LED flat corn light or wall pack retrofit.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Wall Packs

What is an LED wall pack light?

An LED wall pack light is a durable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting fixture mounted on walls, usually exterior walls, to illuminate areas such as pathways, building entrances, parking lots, and other surrounding spaces. They are designed to provide enhanced security and visibility during nighttime.

Why should I choose LED wall pack lights over traditional ones?

LED wall pack lights offer several advantages over traditional lighting:

  1. Energy Efficiency: LEDs consume significantly less energy than conventional bulbs, leading to reduced energy bills.
  2. Longevity: LEDs have a longer lifespan, often lasting 50,000 hours or more.
  3. Low Maintenance: Due to their long life and durability, LEDs require less frequent replacements.
  4. Brightness and Quality: LEDs provide better lumen output and consistent light distribution.

How do I choose the right brightness for my wall pack light?

The desired brightness depends on the application and the area size. Usually, lumen output is a measure of brightness, with higher lumens indicating greater brightness. For typical applications like building entrances or pathways, anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 lumens may suffice. However, larger areas like parking garages might require higher lumen output.

How do LED wall packs impact security?

LED wall pack lights enhance security by providing consistent, bright illumination in outdoor spaces, deterring unauthorized activity and aiding surveillance efforts.

Can I replace my old HID or halogen wall packs with LED wall packs?

Yes, LED wall pack lights are designed to be alternatives for older HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or halogen wall packs, making the transition smooth and providing immediate energy savings.

How energy efficient are LED wall pack lights compared to traditional ones?

LED wall pack lights can be up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting solutions, leading to considerable energy savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Do LED wall packs require special maintenance?

LED wall pack lights require minimal maintenance due to their long lifespan and durability. Generally, routine cleaning to remove dirt and ensure maximum light output is all that's needed.

Find the right wall pack for your property or convert your existing wall packs to LED with retrofits from the commercial property lighting experts, ELEDLights. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us!