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6W Solar LED Security Motion Light

Equivalent to 40W halogen

Sale price$39.88
Solar LED Wall Mount Cone Fixture

Easy-install • No wiring required

Sale price$64.88
Ships same day
Solar LED Sign & Billboard Light

Off-the-grid sign lighting

Sale price$529.88
Solar LED Area Light - 30W - 6,000 Lumen - All-In-One Design

200 lm/W • $0 energy bill

Sale price$548.00
Ships same day
Solar LED Area Light - 60W - 12,000 Lumen - All-in-One Design

200 lm/W • $0 energy bill

Sale price$1,098.00
Ships same day
Solar LED Area Light - 100W - 20,000 Lumen - All-In-One Design

200 lm/W • $0 energy bill

Sale price$1,695.00

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Solar LED Lights

Install eco-friendly solar-powered lighting for the low-cost benefits of energy efficiency combined with ease of installation and protection against power grid failures.

When you choose solar-powered lighting, you'll save twice. First, you won't have the expense of an electrician. Then, you never have to pay an electric bill for your solar lights. Plus you can install solar lights anywhere you need them on your property, as long as the solar panels are exposed to sunlight.

When your area experiences an electricity outage, your solar lights will keep right on operating. And after a short period, your energy & maintenance savings will pay off your initial investment, and then your eco-friendly lighting will help you and the planet for years to come.

If you don't see the light you need, get in touch—we work with many of the top lighting manufacturers.