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Cut the cost of lighting your your commercial, retail, or logistical space by using UFO LED high bay lights. Easy to install, dependable, and highly efficient, our UFO high bay lights are poised to save you money. Most come standard with 120° beam angle for excellent light coverage of open areas. For aisles, workstations, or very high ceilings, we recommend our LUX models, which feature changeable optics, either via easy-swap accessory lenses or, in the case of the LUX 2.0 Selectable LED High Bay UFO Light, a rotating lens that requires no additional parts.

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Value UFO LED High Bay

24,000 lumens

Regular price $99.99
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Selectable UFO LED High Bay

150W to 310W
Up to 46,500 lumens

Sale price $96.88 ‐ $229.88
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Selectable LUX 2.0 UFO LED High Bay

Adjustable beam angle
60-100W or 144-240W
9,600 to 38,400 lumens

Sale price $114.95 ‐ $139.95
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Selectable LUX UFO LED High Bay

Up to 30,000 lumens

Regular price $199.88
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Ultra-Efficient Selectable LED High Bay

80W-150W or 100W-200W
Up to 40,000 lumens

Sale price $219.95 ‐ $239.95
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LED High Bay - 150W / 21,000 lm - Washdown/NSF Certified

High efficiency NSF-certified lighting

Regular price$279.88
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LED High Bay - 100W / 13,000 lm - Washdown/NSF Certified

Sleek, easy-clean NSF-certified lighting

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LED High Bay - 200W / 26,000 lm - Washdown/NSF Certified

Sleek, easy-clean NSF-certified lighting

Regular price$379.88
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45,000 lumens

Sale price $349.95 ‐ $517.95
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High Lumen UFO LED High Bay

55,500 lumens

Sale price $516.95 ‐ $555.95
High Lumen LUX UFO LED High Bay

450W or 600W
Up to 96,000 lumens

Regular price $1,211.95 ‐ $1,332.95
Sale price $1,175.95 ‐ $1,332.95

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Installing Round High Bays

Round/UFO LED High Bay Lights

Round LED high bay lights, often referred to as UFO high bays due to their distinct shape, are a popular choice for many high-ceiling applications. Here's why:

  • High Lumen Output: UFO LED high bay lights are designed to emit a high intensity of light, making them ideal for applications with high ceilings.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED technology allows for significant energy savings compared to traditional HID or fluorescent high bay lights. Given the high power consumption of HID technology in particular, LED UFO high bay lights can provide robust illumination at a mere fraction of the energy cost.
  • Durability: Most round LED high bay lights are built with a robust design, making them suitable for challenging environments, such as industrial facilities & indoor athletic courts.
  • Heat Dissipation: Good UFO LED high bay lights are designed with effective heat dissipation systems, which contributes to a longer lifespan and increased energy efficiency.
  • Versatility: These lights are easy to mount, usually include dimming capability, and often offer motion sensor accessories. Many high bay UFO lights are now power and/or color selectable as well, for in-the-field customization.

Where UFO LED High Bay Lights Are Used:

UFO LED high bay lights are typically used in large indoor spaces with high ceilings, where strong, even light is required. These include:

  1. Warehouses and Distribution Centers: These spaces require bright, consistent lighting for both safety and productivity. The durability and energy efficiency of UFO LED high bay lights make them an excellent choice, even for aisle and racking lighting.
  2. Factories and Industrial Buildings: Industrial settings need strong lighting for safety and precision in work. LED UFO high bay lights provide good visibility, reduce eye strain, and enhance safety in such environments.
  3. Gyms and Sports Arenas: Indoor sports facilities, like basketball courts or swimming pools, need bright, consistent lighting that doesn't produce a lot of heat. The design of the UFO LED high bay light is perfect for these requirements, and a number of them now come with IK08 or IK10 ratings, for extra protection against impact from sports balls.
  4. Retail Stores and Supermarkets: Large retail spaces and supermarkets require bright lighting to display goods effectively. UFO LED high bay lights provide high-quality light, enhancing the visual appeal of products. Today's UFO high bays are more compact and attractive than HID high bays of the past, making them well suited for modern stores.
  5. Convention Centers and Exhibition Halls: The high ceilings and large floor areas of these spaces can be effectively lit using UFO LED high bay lights, providing clear, bright light for events and exhibitions.
  6. Workshops and Garages: In spaces where detailed tasks are carried out, like vehicle repair bays, strong lighting is crucial. High bay LED UFO lights not only provide good visibility but are resistant to dust and moisture, making them suitable for environments where bay doors are often open or water may be sprayed.

UFO LED high bay lights are not only versatile and durable, but their long lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements make them an excellent choice for a variety of large, indoor spaces where bright, consistent lighting is hard to reach and absolutely necessary to the use of the space.

Choosing a Model

When choosing a UFO high bay LED light for your application, consider the following:

  • Lumen Output and Efficiency: Consider the brightness (lumens) you need and the luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) of the fixture. The higher the luminous efficacy, the lower the wattage you'll need to reach your target illumination levels, and the lower the wattage, the lower your light bill.
  • Color Temperature: Choose a color temperature (measured in Kelvins) suitable for your application. For instance, a neutral white (4000K) might be suitable for a retail setting, while a cooler white (5000K) may be better for a warehouse.
  • Lifespan and Warranty: Look at the expected lifespan of the light and the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Consider the lighting supplier's capability to support the warranty as well—are they easy to get in touch with? Will they be around if you need warranty support down the road?
  • Dimmability and Controls: If you need flexibility in light levels, look for models with dimming capabilities or compatibility with lighting control systems.
  • Certifications: For certain environments, you might need lights with specific certifications (like DLC for rebates, or UL/ETL for safety standards). ELEDLights offers NSF-certified LED high bays and HazLoc/explosion proof rated LED high bays as well.

Remember, choosing the right LED UFO high bay light depends on the specifics of your space and requirements. Always assess your needs before making a decision. If you need assistance, check out our free High Bay Lighting Layouts service.