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LED Lighting for Fit Body Franchise Locations

The Beginning: Manncorp Inc.

Our family-owned company began over 50 years ago in the back of a ’66 Dodge station wagon. Using a garage as an office, CEO Henry Mann created a direct-mail catalog to market component processing and electronics production equipment, allowing him to reach thousands of commercial customers. This was the beginning of Manncorp.

The garage was replaced by a small office, handmade tweezers evolved into pick-and-place machines, and the one-man operation became a team of people. In the 1990s, we became the first in the industry to put equipment pricing on our website. Then, we transitioned from our paper mailer, and created the first digital, direct-mail catalog on CD in the industry.

By the early 2000s, the electronics assembly market expanded to encompass boards and drivers for LED lighting. Manncorp grew to fit that market with the addition of LED placement machines and long-board stencil printers. Through selling this equipment to a local manufacturer, Henry became interested in LED lighting.

Bringing our Strategy to LED Lighting: ELEDLights

With the rising popularity of LEDs, we expanded from supplying PCBA equipment to selling LED lights. ELEDLights was born as a result. Henry decided to market commercial LED lighting using the same direct-to-the-customer methods he’d developed with Manncorp.

ELEDLights, just like Manncorp, offers complete service for our customers from in-house engineering, sales, account managing, and marketing teams. The two companies were designed to complement one another, sharing the goal of benefitting the customer with a comprehensive experience.

ELEDLights has since grown into a company equal in size to its parent, with both an east and a west coast location, using many of the same practices that have made Manncorp so successful.

Completing the Circle: LED Living Technology

Henry was drawn to the idea of being able to in-source everything. Companies traditionally outsource their materials – they get the metal from one place, boards from another, LEDs somewhere else, and then say, “Buy American.” We decided to do things differently.

In 2019, we brought the company LED Living Technology into our family, an LED manufacturing company that stands separately from ELEDLights, our lighting supply company. From the 2012 debut of their cornerstone fixture, a retrofit strip kit called Claris, LLT set new bars for performance in the industry. When LLT experienced a tragedy, and nearly closed their doors, we decided to step in and help it live on as part of our family of businesses.

Unlike the direct-sales model that forms the backbone of Manncorp and ELEDLights, LLT was built on a rep and distributor model. We have not only retained that model for LLT but also worked to strengthen it by building out a version of our direct approach that focuses on and supports LLT’s existing—and growing—sales network. By combining the technology and information acquired from LLT with our own expertise, gained from decades of working in the electronics manufacturing industry, we unified the three companies. Utilizing our own production lines, we began building lights in-house with Manncorp machines.

Using equipment we stake our reputation on, we completed the circle, connecting Manncorp, ELEDLights, and LED Living Technology. By providing equipment, tooling, lighting and services, our three companies are each one piece of the whole puzzle. This model allows us to handle everything, ensuring the best quality-control possible.

The whole model has expanded time and again, to the point of outgrowing four offices. The three companies are now housed in a 35,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in our Pennsylvania headquarters. This is in an addition to our 15,000 sq. ft. facility in San Diego, California that has inventory and demonstration capabilities. With facilities on both coasts, we can provide all our USA customers with fast shipping and customer service.

The current Manncorp location at Hatboro, PA

Hatboro, PA

Inside the warehouse at Manncorp

LED Living Technology

The Manncorp Office at San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Today and Moving Forward: Our Brand Promise

We do things differently. As President, Kyle Mann explains, “You can walk across the room from sales, to marketing, to the assembly line – nowhere else has this.” This is where Buy American meets American Pride. We are proud to be making it, here in Hatboro, providing anything customers need.

We hope to create products that embody our story. One way we do this is by offering Buy American Act Compliant fixtures. Since we make everything in-house, our Buy American lights are easily accessible to local customers. We focus on great designs and helpful services, allowing us to offer strong warranties.

Our priority is to serve people better than mega-corporations by providing a start-to-finish experience; from product building to customer service, our team will be there for you. We are not Amazon; we are real people, ready to take care of your lighting needs for the long-haul.

By selling alternatives to expensive, high-energy-usage fixtures, we aim to improve your commercial lighting and improve our planet. By lowering electricity consumption, without compromising on brightness, we create and sell products that lower costs for you and decrease energy waste, helping leave the world better than we found it through the things that we make.

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