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Who We Are

ELEDLights supplies high-energy-efficiency, high-reliability LED lighting to contractors, property developers, franchises, businesses of all sizes, educational & religious institutions, and industrial facilities.

Why Choose Us?

Our promise is to provide high-quality lights so that things go right, and high-quality support in case things don’t.

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to. We find the top-notch lights, we do the rebate research to make sure you get the best pricing, we ensure your products are delivered on-time, and we are there to help when you need us.

  • Dedicated Support

    By providing a hands-on approach, we aim to serve clients better than mega-corporations do. Our in-house team of real people is ready to take care of your lighting needs for the long-haul. Learn more about our services.

  • Quick, Dependable Shipping

    We ship via UPS Ground. In-stock items typically ship in 24 hrs. 

  • Risk-Free Returns

    Our products are manufactured to the highest quality of workmanship and shipped in protective packaging. However, if a product doesn't meet your needs or expectations, we offer easy online returns.

  • Free Trial Samples

    If you're not sure if a light will be right for your application, you can contact us about getting a sample for a free trial period.

  • Rebate Help

    We will find all the financial incentives your commercial lighting project is eligible for. By taking the hassle out of rebates, we make saving money easy. We often save our customers thousands per project; see how you can save, too.

LED Lighting for Fit Body Franchise Locations

Our Story

Over 50 years ago, CEO Henry Mann created a direct-mail catalog to market electronics production equipment. Using a garage as an office, he reached thousands of commercial customers.


This was the beginning of Manncorp, the parent company of ELEDLights.


By the early 2000s, Manncorp had added LED assembly machines to their mix of equipment offered. Through selling this equipment to local manufacturers, Henry became interested in LED lighting.


In 2012, Henry Mann founded ELEDLights, his background in technology paving the way.


Since its founding, ELEDLights has grown significantly - from a small office, to providing services across the country. With an East Coast headquarters in the Greater Philadelphia Area and a West Coast headquarters in San Diego, CA, we are able to provide timely customer service and fast shipping throughout the USA.

Hatboro, PA

San Diego, CA


Today, ELEDLights has a full online selection of ready-to-buy LED lighting as well as a lighting projects division that manages large-scale orders, custom requests, and more. With in-house engineering, project management, and customer support, our clients are well supported by end-to-end services.

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