LED Shoebox Lights for Parking Lots and Outdoor Areas

Choose from our long-life LED fixtures below, or if you're looking to keep your existing fixtures, explore our top of the line LED retrofits for HID shoebox fixtures. If you're having trouble deciding which is right for you—retrofit or replace—reach out to our team and tell us about your lights!



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30W Shoebox & Wall Pack LED Retrofit

Replaces 100W • E26 or E39 base

Sale price$65.00
54W LED Flat Corn Light

Replaces 250W • E39 base

Regular price$69.88
Sale price $65.95 6% OFF
Ships same day
Flat Corn Light - Wattage Selectable: 115W/95W/75W - Up to 16,100 lumens

Replaces 250W to 400W • E39 base

Regular price$104.88
Sale price $78.95 25% OFF
Ships same day
50W Shoebox & Wall Pack LED Retrofit

Replaces 175W - E26 or E39 base

Sale price$97.88
LED Shoebox Area Light - 100W / 14,100 lumens

Pole, slipfitter, wall, or yoke mount

Regular price$129.88
Sale price $98.95 24% OFF
Ships 1-2 days