How Much Light Do You Need?

No one wants to pay for more lighting than they need or discover they haven’t installed enough fixtures to properly illuminate a space. In every application, you want to ensure you have the right type and amount of lighting for the job before you place your order.

But because modern bulbs of the same wattage can put out different amounts of light, determining how much light you need has become complicated. So, how can you figure out which fixtures to buy? We can help! Our guide will give you confidence that you’re investing in the correct lighting products for your needs.

Infographic: How to Select LED Lighting for Your Application


How Much Light Do You Need?

  1. Measure the square footage (length x width) of the area you need to illuminate.
  2. Follow our Application Guide to determine your required number of foot candles. (Download the guide:
  3. Multiply the foot candles by the square footage to find your total required lumens.
  4. Divide the required lumens by the number of fixtures you would like to install/upgrade to determine your required lumens per fixture.
  5. Equipped with that info, visit to find perfect retrofits or fixtures for your needs.

If you don't see your application listed in the foot candle guide, our team can help you with the right lighting plan for any type of space. We can even run a free DIALux simulation that shows exactly what kind of light coverage you'd be getting with your specific application.

Contact our team at, (215) 355-7200, or through Live Chat at the bottom of our website.