LED Shoebox Lights for Parking Lots and Outdoor Areas

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Choose from our long-life LED fixtures below, or if you're looking to keep your existing fixtures, explore our top of the line LED retrofits for HID shoebox fixtures. If you're having trouble deciding which is right for you—retrofit or replace—reach out to our team and tell us about your lights!

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Selectable LED Shoebox Area Light
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LED Shoebox Area Light - 100W / 14,100 lumens

Pole, slipfitter, wall, or yoke mount

Regular price$129.88
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ECO LED Shoebox Area Light - 150W / 21,750 lumens

Slipfitter or direct arm mount

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Brightline LED Shoebox Area Light - 150W / 21,000 lumens

Slipfitter or pole mount

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LED Shoebox Area Light - 150W / 21,000 lumens

Pole, slipfitter, wall, or yoke mount

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LED Shoebox Area Light - 250W / 35,000 lumens

Pole, slipfitter, wall, or yoke mount

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LED Shoebox Area Light - 300W / 42,000 lumens

Pole, slipfitter, wall, or yoke mount

Regular price$299.88
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Pole Mounted LED Lighting for Outdoor Areas

Go easy on the environment—and your light bill—with LED lighting for parking lots and outdoor areas. Our pole-mounted LED lights will also cut your maintenance costs. With a 50,000-hour average operating life, it’ll be a good, long while before you have to rent another bucket truck again!

Our LED retrofit experts are ready to assist. Reach out today to convert your fluorescent lights to LED.

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Need Poles?

Check out our steel and aluminum pole options for your new shoebox parking lot & outdoor area lights—and request a quote for your project.

Pole-Mounted LED Fixtures for Parking Lot and Outdoor Area Lighting

Outdoor area lighting is vital for employee and customer safety and company security. Poorly lit parking lots, campuses, car dealerships, and hospital and apartment grounds create opportunities for crime, trip-and-fall injuries, and other safety and security issues. They also don’t beckon customers to your location.

Outdoor area lighting, however, has the problem of being installed 20 to 40 feet off the group. Traditionally, this makes replacing failed lamps a frequent and costly maintenance task. With LED shoebox lighting, you can significantly reduce the number of lamp replacements, thanks to the technology's extended life. At the same time, you'll significantly reduce your associated maintenance costs.

That’s why our customers choose LED lighting when they upgrade or install new lighting for parking lots, loading docks, outdoor storage areas, campuses, plazas, outdoor venues, farm properties, and many other locations.