LED Troffer Lights for Drop Ceilings

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Freshen up the look of your suspended-ceiling lighting and cut your energy costs in half at the same time. These long-life, high-efficiency troffers both look and perform great for offices, waiting rooms, exam rooms, classrooms, and more.

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2x2 RAB SWISH34 Center Basket LED Troffer

29W • 4000K CCT
3,373 lumens • 126 lm/W

Sale price$73.95
2x2 Archipelago planoArch Center Basket LED Troffer Light

Commercial grade
Up to 4,375 lumens • 125 lm/W

Sale price$77.95
2x2 Archipelago selectArch Center Basket LED Troffer Light

Architectural grade
Up to 4,410 lumens • 129 lm/W

Sale price$84.95
2x2 MaxLite Single Basket Troffer - Wattage and Color Selectable - Control Ready - up to 5,000 lm

Plug & play controls
Up to 5,000 lumens • 125 lm/W

Sale price$89.95
Ships 1-2 days
2x4 RAB SWISH34 Center Basket LED Troffer

39W • 4000K CCT
4,800 lumens • 126 lm/W

Sale price$99.95
2x4 Archipelago planoArch Center Basket LED Troffer Light

Commercial grade
Up to 6,250 lumens • 125 lm/W

Sale price$105.95
2x4 Archipelago selectArch Center Basket LED Troffer Light

Architectural grade
Up to 6,275 lumens • 128 lm/W

Sale price$116.95
2x4 MaxLite Single Basket Troffer - Wattage and Color Selectable - Control Ready - up to 6,250 lm

Plug & play controls
Up to 6,250 lumens • 125 lm/W

Sale price$129.88
Ships 1-2 days

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Frequently Asked Questions About LED Troffer Lights

What is an LED troffer light?

An LED troffer light is a rectangular or square light fixture that fits into a modular dropped ceiling grid . These luminaires, usually available as 2x4 LED troffer lights or 2x2 LED troffer lights to fit common grid spacings, are used predominantly in commercial and institutional environments, such as offices, schools, and hospitals, and are designed to replace traditional fluorescent troffers. Being LED, they offer increased energy efficiency, longer lifespans, and better lighting quality compared to their fluorescent counterparts.

What is the difference between panel lights and troffer lights?

The primary difference lies in their design and appearance:

Panel Lights: These are typically flat, edge-lit fixtures that provide a sleek and modern look. They emit light evenly across the surface, giving a contemporary aesthetic.

Troffer Lights: These are box-like fixtures recessed into the ceiling. While traditional troffers used fluorescent tubes, modern LED troffers are designed with integrated LEDs, providing a more unified light distribution.

How many Watts is an LED troffer light?

The wattage of an LED troffer light can vary based on its size and design. Typically, a 2x2 LED troffer might range between 20 to 50 Watts, while a 2x4 LED troffer could be between 30 to 75 Watts. Always check the product's specifications as power consumption can differ based on the components used and the light's intended brightness and efficiency.

What is a center basket LED troffer?

A center basket LED troffer has a unique design where the LEDs are housed in a "basket" or contoured diffuser in the center of the fixture. This design diffuses the light output, reducing glare and providing a more uniform light distribution. The basket design also adds an aesthetic touch, making the fixture more visually appealing.

Where to use LED troffer lights?

LED troffer lights are ideal for indoor spaces requiring general ambient lighting. Common places include:

  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Libraries
  • Corridors and hallways in commercial buildings

How to choose LED troffer lights?

When choosing LED troffer lights, consider the following:

Size: Ensure the troffer's size matches the ceiling grid. ELEDLights carries the most common sizes: 2x4 LED troffer lights and 2x2 LED troffer lights. If you have a unique grid size, reach out to us; we have access to the catalogs of most major lighting manufacturers and can provide you whatever you need, backed by the high level of customer service ELEDLights customers are used to.

Brightness: Determine the needed lumen output based on the space's size and intended use. If you're not sure what brightness would work best for your ceiling height, room size, and application, contact ELEDLights. Our team can calculate exactly what you'll need to complete a lighting upgrade you'll be pleased with.

Color Temperature: Choose a color temperature (measured in Kelvins) that suits the ambiance you desire—warm colors for cozy settings and cooler colors for work or task-oriented areas. Warm colors are denoted by lower Kelvin numbers, such as 2700K or 3000K. Neutral colors fall in the 4000K range. Cool colors are 5000K and up. If you don't see the color temperature you need, reach out to ELEDLights. We can source it!

Efficiency: Check the lumens per Watt to gauge energy efficiency. Here, higher numbers are better, if efficiency is the top priority for you. If color rendering is also an important consideration, keep in mind that you'll sacrifice some efficiency to get higher color rendering. Color rendering is denoted by the color rendering index (CRI) number of the light. If accuracy of color rendering is less important, you can go with 80 or under. If it is more important, you'll want to look above 80. If you're not sure what CRI you need, contact ELEDLights and tell us about your application.

Dimmability: If you want adjustable brightness, opt for a dimmable model. We also have "Control Ready" models that come with a plug-and-play port for the addition of sensors to allow for even greater control over your lighting.

Lifespan: Look for troffers with longer rated lifespans for reduced maintenance.

Warranty and Certifications: Ensure the product has a good warranty and necessary certifications (like DLC, UL, or Energy Star) to guarantee quality and safety. DLC listed troffers are also eligible for money-saving financial incentives offered by many utility companies.

Remember, consult with lighting professionals before you buy to ensure you're making the best choice for your specific needs. The lighting pros at ELEDLights are happy to provide consultation at no cost. Hit us up with your questions and needs!