Linear High Bay LED Lights

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Our LED linear high bay lights are a great way to light up large spaces, such as warehouses, factories, and retail stores. Whether you need focused or uniform illumination, we have a linear high bay to suit. Outfit your facility today.

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Value Linear LED High Bay

130W, 175W, 210W, 300W
Up to 41,500 lumens

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Selectable Linear LED High Bay

115W-155W, 155W-210W, 240W-310W
Up to 46,500 lumens

Regular price $107.88 ‐ $199.88
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LUX Linear LED High Bay

150W, 200W, 300W, 400W
Up to 59,480 lumens

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High Lumen Selectable Linear LED High Bay

Up to 63,000 lumens

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4ft Vapor Tight High Bay - 165W - NSF Certified

For wet, dusty, or corrosive environments

Sale price$238.95
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4ft Vapor Tight High Bay - CCT & Power Selectable - NSF Certified

For wet, dusty, or corrosive environments

Sale price$269.88
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Learn More: Linear High Bay LED Lights

Learn More: Linear high bay LED lights are an energy-efficient solution for high ceiling applications, such as warehouses. They have a rectangular shape and are equipped with the latest LED technology to reduce overhead costs when replacing older, traditional lighting fixtures, such as T8, T12, and T5 fluorescent lighting.

Where to Use Linear LED High Bay Lights

Linear high bay LED lighting offers a high level of lumen output, so it is a great option for large spaces with a lot of distance between ceiling and floor. Given their utilitarian style and resistance to moisture, dust, and impact, linear LED high bay lights are often installed in industrial or commercial locations. Common applications include warehouses, factories, manufacturing spaces, aircraft hangars, fitness centers, retail locations, and large recreational facilities.

Features of Linear LED High Bay Lights

  • High Lumen Output: Linear LED high bay lights provide high brightness, making them suitable for spaces with ceilings.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED technology ensures significant energy savings compared to traditional linear high bay lighting solutions, reducing operating costs.
  • Long Lifespan: LED lights have an exceptionally long lifespan, lowering maintenance and lamp replacement costs, which can be an important benefit for high ceiling lights in particular since they often require scaffolding for maintenance access.
  • Uniform Light Distribution: The shape and design of linear high bay LED lighting helps distribute light more evenly across large spaces compared to other high bay lighting designs.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Linear LED high bay lights often come with various mounting options such as surface mount, pendant mount, or chain mount to allow for easy installation in a variety of locations.

Choosing a Model

When selecting a linear LED high bay light, consider the following:

  1. Lumen Output and Efficiency: Determine the brightness (lumens) and the energy efficiency (lumens per watt) that you need for your space. Keep in mind that the higher the brightness, the lower the efficiency. So, it is important to only have as much lumen output as is necessary. That way, costs are kept low while the brightness level is kept adequate.
  2. Color Temperature: Choose a color temperature (measured in Kelvins) that's suitable for your application. More neutral color temperatures might be better for a retail setting, while cooler temperatures may be more appropriate for warehouse lighting or factory lighting.
  3. Lifespan and Warranty: Check the expected lifespan of the light, the warranty provided by the manufacturer, and the ability of your supplier to provide post-sale support. How reachable and responsive are they? What do customer reviews say about their service?
  4. Dimmability and Controls: Flexibility in lighting levels can be especially important in large facilities with a variety of zones. To get the most from your LED lighting system, look for linear LED high bay lights with dimming capabilities or compatibility with lighting control systems.
  5. Certifications: Depending on building requirements in your area, your facility may need lights with specific certifications (like DLC qualification for rebates, or UL/ETL listings for safety standards).
  6. Mounting Options: Explore available mounting options to find the one that best suits your space and installation preferences. These options can include hanging LED warehouse lighting on chains or mounting them flush to the ceiling.

Remember, the specific requirements of your space should guide your choice when selecting a linear LED high bay light. Always assess the lighting needs thoroughly before deciding. If you need assistance, ELEDLights offers a free high bay layout service—just fill out the form and our lighting pros will take care of the calculations.