LED Panel Lights for Suspended Ceilings

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Looking to convert the fluorescent fixtures in your suspended ceiling to LED? Update your look at the same time by replacing your old fixtures with sleek, modern LED panel lights. In addition to easy drop-ceiling install, these lights can also be surface mounted directly to a standard ceiling using optional ceiling mount frames. Enjoy higher energy efficiency, lower lighting bills, and a significantly longer operating life from your new LED panels, along with the satisfaction of just a really nice looking light.

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2x2 MaxLite LED Panel Light – 30W – 4000K – Backlit
Sale price$44.95
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2x2 MaxLite LED Panel Light – Wattage & Color Selectable – Backlit – Control Ready
Sale price$74.88
Ships 1-2 days
1x4 MaxLite LED Panel Light – Color & Wattage Selectable – Backlit - Control Ready
Sale price$79.88
Ships 1-2 days
2x4 MaxLite LED Panel Light – Wattage & Color Selectable – Backlit – Control Ready
Sale price$94.88
Ships 1-2 days

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Upgrade to LED Panel Lights for Your Suspended Ceiling

Ready to transform your drop ceiling lighting? Experience superior illumination and energy savings by making the switch to LED panel lights. Unlike traditional fluorescent lighting, LED ceiling panels offer exceptional lighting quality, energy efficiency, and a significantly extended lifespan.

Seamlessly Integrate LED Panel Lights

Upgrade your suspended ceiling grid with LED panel lights that seamlessly blend into your space. These flat, flush-mounted fixtures offer a sleek and modern appearance. By resembling ceiling tiles, LED panel lights create an uncluttered aesthetic that is a perfect choice for enhancing workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Lighting for Suspended Ceilings

  1. What are the different types of suspended ceiling lighting? Suspended ceiling lights come in various types, including LED panel lights, LED troffer lights, fluorescent fixtures, and recessed downlights. Each type offers unique features and benefits, catering to different lighting preferences and space requirements.
  2. What is the best ceiling light for a drop ceiling? The ideal ceiling light for a drop ceiling depends on your specific needs. Drop ceiling LED light panels are a popular choice due to their seamless integration and even illumination. LED troffer lights are also a great option for creating a brighter ambiance. Factors such as lighting quality, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal will determine the best fit for your space.
  3. What are panel lights? Panel lights, also known as LED ceiling panels, are modern lighting fixtures designed to replace traditional fluorescent fixtures. The lights consist of a flat, thin panel that emits bright and uniform illumination. Drop ceiling LED light panels are commonly used in commercial spaces to provide efficient, glare-free lighting that is easy to install.
  4. What are the different types of panel lighting? There are a few different types of panel lighting available. The most common types include edge-lit panel lights and direct-lit panel lights. Edge-lit panels have LEDs along the edges that distribute light across the panel for even illumination. Direct-lit panels have a grid of LEDs that evenly light up the entire panel surface.
  5. What is a panel light used for? LED panel lights are versatile lighting solutions used for various applications. They are commonly used in offices, classrooms, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and more. Panel lights provide efficient and comfortable illumination that reduces eyestrain and creates a pleasant environment for tasks and activities.

Get the Benefits of LED Ceiling Panels

Ready to make the switch? Contact us today to learn more about upgrading the fluorescent lighting fixtures in your office, retail store, fitness center, medical or dental facility, conference rooms, and more. Discover how LED ceiling panel lights can enhance the brightness and efficiency of your commercial space.