Semi Cutoff LED Wall Packs

Robust in construction and sleek in design, these wall packs provide efficient and focused lighting, making them ideal for pathways, entryways, and building perimeters.

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65W Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - 7,900 lm - 122 lm/W

7,900 lm • 122 lm/W

Sale price$80.95
Ships 1-2 days
Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - CCT & Power Adjustable - Up to 128 lm/W

Up to 8,300 lm • 128 lm/W

Sale price$94.95
Ships 1-2 days
125W Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Pack - 15,400 lm - 123 lm/W

15,400 lm • 123 lm/W

Sale price$116.95
Ships 1-2 days

Why Semi Cutoff LED Wall Packs

Semi cutoff LED wall pack fixtures are designed to deliver targeted illumination that directs light downwards and minimizes upward light spill, helping to reduce skyglow and light pollution. Embrace a sustainable, eco-friendly solution with our semi-cutoff LED wall packs, merging exceptional performance with responsible design.

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