LED Canopy Lights

Commercial LED canopy lights not only provide bright light for your gas station awnings, car washes, parking garages, and other exterior locations, they significantly reduce both your utility costs and your lighting maintenance expenses. If you don't see the canopy light you need here, reach out to our team. We have access to lighting from most major manufacturers.

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27W LED Canopy Light27W LED Canopy Light
27W LED Canopy Light
Sale price$62.89
Regular price$69.88
40W LED Canopy Light40W LED Canopy Light
40W LED Canopy Light
Sale price$74.88
60W LED Canopy Light60W LED Canopy Light
60W LED Canopy Light
Sale price$79.88
MaxLite 20W Low-Profile LED Canopy LightMaxLite 20W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light
MaxLite 30W Low-Profile LED Canopy LightMaxLite 30W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light
MaxLite 40W Low-Profile LED Canopy LightMaxLite 40W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light