LED Canopy Lights for Parking Garages & Gas Stations

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27W LED Flat Corn Light

Replaces 175W • E26 base

Regular price$44.88
Sale price $36.45 19% OFF
Ships same day
54W LED Flat Corn Light

Replaces 250W • E39 base

Regular price$69.88
Sale price $65.95 6% OFF
Ships same day
Flat Corn Light - Wattage Selectable: 115W/95W/75W - Up to 16,100 lumens

Replaces 250W to 400W • E39 base

Regular price$104.88
Sale price $78.95 25% OFF
Ships same day
LED Canopy Light - Color & Wattage Selectable - 63W/45W/30W

4,050 to 8,505 lumens • 135 lm/W

Sale price$79.88
Ships 1-2 days
Selectable LED Parking Garage Canopy Light

3,600 to 7,700 lumens • Up to 163 lm/W

Sale price$98.95
Ships 1-2 days
MaxLite 20W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light

2,374 lumens • 119 lm/W

Regular price$124.88
Sale price $102.95 18% OFF
110W Corn Light – Convertible from Round to Flat

Replaces 400W HID, 200W CFL • E39 base

Regular price$119.88
Sale price $102.95 14% OFF
Ships same day
MaxLite 30W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light

3,431 lumens • 114 lm/W

Regular price$149.88
Sale price $109.95 27% OFF
MaxLite 40W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light

4,935 lumens • 123 lm/W

Regular price$159.88
Sale price $129.95 19% OFF
LED Canopy Light - Color & Wattage Selectable - 110W/85W/63W/41W

6,800 to 16,500 lumens • Up to 176 lm/W

Sale price$129.95
Ships 1-2 days
Selectable LUX LED Parking Garage Canopy Light with Uplight

4,200 to 16,000 lumens • Up to 160 lm/W

Regular price$148.95
Sale price $141.50
Ships same day
MaxLite 52W Low-Profile LED Canopy Light

6,539 lumens • 125 lm/W

Regular price$179.88
Sale price $149.95 17% OFF
LED Gas Station Canopy Light - Wattage Selectable

Up to 23,000 lumens • Up to 170 lm/W

Sale price $167.95 ‐ $178.95
Ships 1-2 days
2ft Vapor Tight LED Parking Garage Light

5000K color temperature

Sale price$187.88
240W Gas Station LED Canopy Light

34,770 Lumens • 144 lm/W

Sale price$279.88
Ships same day

Premium LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations & Parking Garages

Looking to brighten up your commercial exterior space? Our range of cutting-edge canopy light fixtures provide the perfect lighting for gas station awnings, car washes, and parking garages. With advanced technology and superior design, our canopy LED light fixtures offer exceptional illumination and energy efficiency, ensuring long-term cost savings and minimal maintenance requirements.

Gas Station Canopy Lighting

Enhance the visibility and safety of your gas station with our canopy lighting solutions. Our specially designed gas station lights, including outdoor canopy light fixtures, provide bright, uniform illumination—making your fuel pumps easily accessible to customers even during low-light conditions. With reduced energy consumption and enhanced durability, our LED canopy lights are a cost-effective and reliable choice for outdoor lighting at gas stations.

Parking Garage Lighting

Ensure a well-lit and secure environment in your parking garage. Our LED parking garage lighting fixtures offer powerful illumination that enhances visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians. With a focus on energy efficiency and durability, our parking garage light options are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, providing long-lasting, high-performance lighting while minimizing operational costs. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with our premium LED canopy lights today. Contact our experts for personalized guidance and to explore our diverse range of commercial LED lighting solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our LED lighting experts are ready to assist with your parking garage, fuel pump canopy, and other outdoor overhead lighting needs. Reach out today!.

Call 215.355.7200 or Text 267.266.8330

LED Lighting for Canopies & Parking Garages

Enjoy our quality-built, long-life lights for gas station canopies, parking garages, hotel & building canopies, covered walkways, and more. Your customers won't notice them, but your bottom line will as you reduce your utility budget and enjoy the increased business, safety, and security that a well-lit location provides. Exterior lights that need to illuminate gas station canopies and other covered outdoor areas can get expensive night after night. If you’re still working with fluorescents or HID, it’s time to consider a better, newer option. Our bright, energy-efficient LEDs are the perfect choice to light up your gas station pumps, covered loading docks, building overhangs, and car wash bays without your power bill taking hard-earned money out of your pocket.