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High Bay Lighting Guide:
What High Bays Will Work Best for My Ceiling Height?

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Find the Best Lighting Output for Your Ceiling Height

When choosing lighting for your warehouse, retail location, or other high ceiling application, it can be difficult to judge which high bay lights will work best. A big factor to consider is how high the ceilings are in your commercial space. As a general rule - The higher the ceiling, the more lumens needed. So, how many lumens should you be looking for per fixture?

LED Expert Tip: If you have a space with a variety of ceiling heights, a good solution is to choose high bay lighting that is wattage adjustable. The adjustability allows for different height zones to have different lumen levels while the fixtures remain consistent throughout. Check out our adjustable options: Field-Selectable LED High Bays.

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Learn More About Our Field-Selectable LED High Bays

Get Help Determining Your High Bay Lumen Needs

The best way to figure out how many lumens you need for your high-ceiling project is to reach out to our team of lighting experts. By receiving a professional lighting layout, you will ensure you get the exact number of lights your space needs to achieve the level of illumination desired.

Plus, with ELEDLights, photometric layouts are available free of cost to all customers who choose to purchase lights with us! Simply fill out our service request form or contact us at the info below to get started.