Guide: Replacing High Intensity Outdoor Lights with LED

Worried about the dangers dark spots pose on your property? Or maybe your fixtures are aging and need a modern revamp. Or maybe you are in the midst of a construction project and want the best lighting option for the job.

Resolving any of these situations could be expensive. Keeping a large, open space well-lit can be a costly endeavor, but lighting rebates and lowered energy costs make switching to LED lighting an affordable solution that keeps things bright.

When you switch to high-power LED lighting for your outdoor project, you will experience the benefits of high-quality, cost-lowering fixtures. Our commercial outdoor LED lights cost half as much to run as their HID counterparts. By swapping your metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights for our high intensity LEDs, your lights will last longer and will need fewer lamp replacements—resulting in fewer crane truck rentals in your future.

Experience the convenience of lights that turn on instantly and have no restrike time. Plus, have peace of mind knowing that your upfront expenses can be lowered by energy efficiency rebates offered by utility companies across America. In fact, our customers are finding the cost of upgrading their lights covered by the first year or two of savings. Find rebate-eligible lights—then you can use our rebate finder (located right on the light's web page, below the price) to see how much you could save with an instant incentive discount through your utility provider.

We have 3 main options for outdoor high-power LED lights, all of which can be found in our High Power LED Lighting department:

If you are looking to minimize vandalism and theft at your business, our High-Power LED security lights are the perfect solution. By putting LED Shoebox Lights at car dealerships, lumber yards, and in other outdoor spaces, we provide customers with more dependable security.

Our Outdoor LED Flood Lights are ideal for a wide variety of applications from plazas to tennis courts—we even have one customer using them on a missile test site. The tighter beam angles allow for the fixtures to be safely mounted far away while still flooding the area with light.

For situations where you need ultra-high brightness, such as around road construction or quarries, we can improve the safety measures with our High-Power LED Stadium Lights. From sports games to worksites, these lights increase visibility where safety is crucial.

In addition to providing lighting layouts and project simulations, we can give you poles, offer smart controls, and specify the most effective lights for your lighting job. Let us help develop a light plan to ward off the shadows.

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