Get money back on your lighting order. Take advantage of energy efficiency incentives available to commercial customers looking to upgrade to higher-efficiency lighting. These instant rebates are provided by your utility company and processed by ELEDLights, so that you can enjoy your incentive as an instant credit applied to your lighting order. To see the discounts your business or organization may qualify for, Click or tap any rebate-eligible light, then click or tap the Find Instant Rebates link just below the light's price. When you're ready to purchase lights using your incentives, use the "Contact Us to Redeem" link right below the rebate estimate. Or, have our team find the best lights & lighting incentives for your upgrade.

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2x4 Color & Wattage Selectable Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit

2700K to 5000K
Up to 6,670 lm / Install as 2x4 or 1x4

Sale price $49.88 ‐ $59.88
Some items ship same day
2x4 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Two 4ft Strips - 32W / 5,000 lm

4000K or 5000K
32W / 5,000 lumens

Sale price$44.88
Ships same day
2x2 Color & Wattage Selectable Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit

2700K to 5000K
Up to 3,625 lm / Replace 2ft & U-bend

Sale price$39.88
2x8 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Four 4ft Strips w/Frosted Lenses - 49W / 6,680 lm

Efficient retrofit (145 lm/W) with diffusers for 8ft fixtures

Regular price$64.88
Sale price $51.89 20% OFF
Ships same day
4ft LED Tube - 17W / 2,200 lm - Ballast Bypass - 25 Pack

Low cost, great performance

Regular price$161.25 / $6.45 ea
Sale price $139.75 / $5.59 ea 13% OFF
Ships same day
2ft U-shaped LED Tube - 15W / 1,900 lm - Ballast Bypass - MaxLite

4000K Natural White

Sale price$26.88
Ships 1-2 days
8ft LED Tube - 40W / 7,200 lm - Ballast Bypass - 20 Pack

NEW! Brightest, most efficient 8ft LED tube on the market

Sale price$499.00 / $24.95 ea
Ships same day
2x8/4x4 Color & Wattage Selectable Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit

2700K to 5000K
Up to 6,670 lm / Install as 2x8 or 4x4

Sale price$69.88
4ft LED Tube - 14W / 1,800 lm - Ballast Bypass - 25 Pack

Economical & dependable

Regular price$198.75 / $7.95 ea
Sale price $135.95 / $5.43 ea 32% OFF
Ships same day
8ft LED Tube - 36W / 4,300 lm - Ballast Bypass - 25 Pack

Value lamp with good CRI.

Regular price$448.75 / $17.95 ea
Sale price $429.95 / $17.19 ea
Ships same day
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"PECO was offering financial incentives. ELEDLights literally did everything for me, to the point where when they sold me the lights, the credits were already on there. Just an absolute wealth of knowledge. I couldn't recommend them enough to anybody that's looking to do any sort of project, large or small."

Joe Krupiak, Team Toyota of Glen Mills

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"ELEDLights saved me thousands of dollars on our project just by going direct to the seller. Even the construction team was surprised by the price of my lights and what I was getting them for! The team at ELEDLights was quick to respond with replacing a broken lens from shipping, getting it in less than two days as opposed to a 6 week lead time I’ve grown to anticipate."

Corey Babka, Owner, SBW Dental Associates

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