Get the Most out of your Warehouse Lighting Upgrade with LED

Warehouses require high-powered lighting, but most options rack up a high electric bill and require frequent lamp replacements. By switching to long-lasting warehouse LED lights, you’ll use scaffolding less often and brighten areas with even the highest ceilings while lowering energy consumption.

The Savings Potential

By switching your warehouse lighting to LED your budget will immediately benefit from reduced energy overhead. For example, customers with traditional HID high bay lighting experience an average of 60% annual savings in energy costs when they switch to LED. That savings is often large enough to recoup the initial conversion cost within the first few years, leaving free and ongoing savings thereafter.

And while long-term savings are great, maybe you’re worried about the up-front costs of upgrading your old fixtures. The good news is that almost all our Warehouse LED Lights is DLC Listed, making our fixtures eligible for energy incentive rebates. Find rebate-eligible lights, or have us check your eligibility and let you know how much you stand to save with utility rebates.

Where Costs Can Be Cut

You can reduce spending in your warehouse’s operating budget by replacing energy-sapping fixtures with LED in the following places:

Warehouse Aisles

Make it easier for pickers to read shelf labels and safer for workers to travel the aisles with our 5000k LED Warehouse Aisle Lights. The light distribution ensures increased visibility and decreased energy waste thanks to light directed between the shelves rather than on top of them.

Warehouse Open Areas

Upgrade to all-new LED fixtures or retrofit your existing T5/T8 or metal halide/HID lighting to save on energy usage in big, open areas. Check out our warehouse LED lights for high ceilings.

Warehouse Exits

Comply with safety requirements while reducing your energy footprint with reliable, long-lasting LED Warehouse Emergency Exit Lighting.

Warehouse Offices

Aside from high-powered lighting, we have LED office lighting with more natural 4000k color options to update your warehouse office, break, corridor, and bathroom areas with energy efficient LEDS.

Warehouse Exterior

Safety shouldn’t stop at the door. Ensure the security of your building and the safety of your employees with our Warehouse Security & Dock Lighting and Outdoor Area & Parking Lot Lighting.

Large Warehouses? No Problem!

Our team is here to help with every step of your warehouse lighting upgrade. If you're looking to outfit 50,000 sq ft, 100,000 sq ft or more, our lighting pros can provide you with lighting layouts and simulations, energy and cost savings breakdowns, smart control systems design and specification, rebate assistance, and more. We can also spec out UV disinfection systems for your facility.

If you have any questions before you buy, or along the way, contact us at, by calling (215) 355-7200, or via text at (267) 266-8330.