4 Myths About Lighting Rebates

Lighting rebates have been around since the 80s, yet many people still have some long-held, misplaced beliefs about these incentives. Here, we'll shed some light on some of the most common misconceptions.

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Myth 1: LED Rebates Are Going Away

Many people think rebates for LED lighting products are dwindling or even that they no longer exist. However, that isn't the case at all. The availability of rebates has remained relatively consistent over the years. While some programs may have been discontinued, we've also seen several large programs, like APS in Arizona and TVA in Tennessee, reinstate lighting rebates after previously stopping them. If we look at the country as a whole, 77% of the USA has lighting rebates available.

In terms of incentive levels, in 2022, the rebate amounts for LED lighting have stayed the same for the second year in a row. That goes against the previous, multi-year trend of incentive amounts dropping 10 - 20% each year. If anything, rebates can be seen as at a high currently – meaning now is a great time to take advantage of great incentives!

Myth 2: Any Light Can Qualify for Rebates

Not just any light – or even any LED light—is eligible for rebates. Most utility rebate programs have technical specifications that a product must meet to qualify for a rebate. Usually, it comes down to whether or not the lighting solution is on one of the following lists:

DesignLights Consortium (DLC)

This non-profit organization provides lists of qualified products for many types of commercial lighting, such as linear tubes, high bays, pole lights, and similar fixtures. They also maintain lists for networked lighting controls and horticulture lighting. Depending on the technology, about 75% of rebates require the solution to be DLC listed.

Energy Star

Energy Star is a program run by the EPA and the Department of Energy. They provide certification lists for lighting that may be installed in residential or commercial applications. Common product types are incandescent replacement lamps (A19), downlights, and accent lighting. About 70% of all rebate programs require Energy Star, depending on the product category.

It is essential that the product you choose is actively listed on the DLC or Energy Star website in order to qualify. This is especially important as DLC will be transitioning from v5.0 specifications to v5.1 later this year, and some products may fall off their list. The good news is our team at ELEDLights is dedicated to keeping up with rebate trends and updates. So, you can trust us for accurate information concerning which products are eligible for incentives near you.

Myth 3: Everyone Knows How to Get Rebates

We will sometimes hear people say, "My contractor is handling the rebate; it's in the contract," but does anyone follow up on that? Inexperienced personnel may miss important details or forget to file pre-approvals. They may also just focus on the low-hanging fruit and leave valuable money on the table. Just like how 50% of all Americans use a tax preparer to file their taxes each year, many companies use professional rebate processors to help them get the most money possible.

At ELEDLights, we are partnered with a variety of utility companies to process instant rebates – meaning you get your savings upfront. We also make it easy to find and estimate projects on your own through our rebate tools. If you aren’t finding what you are looking for and would rather have a professional run the estimates, our experts are just a call away.

Myth 4: The Rebate Amounts Aren't Worth the Hassle

Now more than ever, as costs for project materials are high and availability of labor is low, it is important to keep costs down and hassle at a minimum. We don’t want any customers to be missing out on free money because of time constraints, so we are available to do the hard work.  Especially since the amount of money you can get back is great!

For example, in the areas surrounding our East Coast office, the utility companies are offering rebates that cover 99% of fixture costs. That means getting lights for $1 apiece! With these rebates, we have customers saving tens of thousands of dollars. To learn more about these incentives, check out our blog about A Lighting Project Completed for Just $8 or about How to Get a Lighting Upgrade for $1 Per Fixture.

Don't Miss Out on LED Rebates

If you are planning a project and need help with estimating and filing rebates, ELEDLights is ready to make estimating and filing rebates as simple as can be, saving you from the most tedious part of rebate processing. Find out if your company is eligible for rebates & how much you could save, or reach out today by calling 215-355-7200, texting 267-266-8330, or emailing lights@eledlights.com to get started on your lighting project.