How to Get a Lighting Upgrade for $1 Per Fixture

Learn How Instant PECO Rebates Saved a Customer Thousands & Could Save you Big, too!

Lighting Upgrade Example

Recent ELEDLights customer, Iron Stone Real Estate Partners, made a major upgrade to their parking garage in Philadelphia, PA – and they got a pretty great deal. For their retrofit project, Iron Stone decided to swap old 150W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures for 90W LED Canopy Lights. In terms of pure energy savings, they went from using 64.5 kW to using only 38.7 kW. In monthly overhead, this switch to LEDs is saving Iron Stone around 40%.

On top of those savings, Iron Stone also qualified for the maximum rebate through PECO Energy Co., which was $150.00 for a canopy fixture with an output greater than 10,000 lumens. Since they replaced 430 HPS canopy lights in their parking garage, they are estimated to receive a rebate for $64,500. The amount paid for their new LED fixtures was: $64,930.00. This means, after rebates, Iron Stone got their parking garage lighting upgrade for just $1 per canopy light!

Since the total cost of the LED upgrade was only $430, Iron Stone’s parking garage was able to pay off their initial investment in less than 1 month. After 2 months, through energy savings alone, they are estimated to have saved over a thousand dollars!

Project Info: Before & After

A 150W HPS lamp provides about 16,000 lumens but the efficiency is nowhere near an LED fixture, so, the 90W (11,600-lumen) canopy light our experts found for Iron Stone’s parking garage was a great choice. Usually, when we replace metal halide (MH) or incandescent lights with LEDs, our team chooses lights with 25% to 33% of the wattage of the existing legacy technology.

Since HPS lamps are a little more efficient than MH or incandescent ones, our lighting design team instead chose to go with 60% of the legacy wattage, which is why the 90W canopy light was picked.

This upgrade has brightened the parking lot and the new LEDs provide a more natural color temperature that more closely resembles daylight than the old, warm-toned HPS lamps.

Before (top) with the 150W HPS Canopy Lights and After (bottom) with the 90W LED Canopy Lights.

How to Get an Instant PECO Rebate

If you are looking to retrofit an area of your commercial property with LED lighting just like Iron Stone, you also could get your upgrade for just $1 per fixture. If you have PECO as your energy supplier, our team at ELEDLights will be able to process Instant Rebates on our DLC-qualified products for your company. This means, you get the rebate up-front, at the time of purchase. No waiting, no hassle, just a lighting upgrade for a dollar per light.

It's now possible to see right on our website how much is available in rebate incentives for each light. This blog post explains how to easily see lighting rebate estimates on our website. When you've found the lights you want, click the "Contact Us to Redeem" link below the rebate amount.

Find rebate-eligible lights here

Or, you can have us check your eligibility for rebates, or call/text our rebate specialist, Landon, at 267.266.8330 to get started.

Don’t Have PECO as your Utility Company? Don’t Worry!

Even if your company isn’t located within PECO’s service zone, ELEDLights can still help you find rebates. We are able to search for utility rebates throughout the US. No matter where your company is, we can help you find the best savings on your lighting upgrade. Depending on your utility company, the lighting you choose could even cost as little as 1 cent per fixture! Contact our lighting incentives team today or do your own lighting rebate research right on our site.

*Rebates and prices shown are valid as of August 2021. All rebates are subject to change at the discretion of the utility company. Qualifying equipment is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the program application. Incentives are available until May 15, 2026, or while funds last.