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A Lighting Project Completed for Just $8 with PECO Rebates

Kristoff’s Classic Cars of Horsham, PA

Kristoff's Classic Cars (left) had inefficient fluorescent tube lighting throughout their space.
After switching to LEDs (right), their space is brightly illuminated and much more energy efficient.

Tom Kristoff, owner of Kristoff’s Classic Cars in Horsham, Pennsylvania, recently moved into a new building. In his new location, he decided to retrofit the lighting. He upgraded 8 of the existing lights in his main work area to our 150W Ultra-High-Lumen Dimmable LED High Bay. Since that high bay is a rebate-eligible product, Kristoff was able to save 99% of his fixture costs through utility incentives.

With our help, Kristoff received a rebate through PECO Energy Co. His total went from $1,608 to just $8 – That is $1 per high bay! We were happy to help out this local classic car company spruce up their new place, and even happier that they could do it for next to nothing.

Kristoff’s story is just one of many in which the customer received major savings thanks to utility rebates. In this time of rising inflation, low stock levels, and high shipping costs, it seems like nothing can come affordably – if it can be received at all. Utility rebates are a great solution to beating these issues. Rebates provide a win-win solution to the ever-increasing costs, helping small businesses get their lighting at much lower prices.

But rebates can get complicated, right? They don’t have to be. At ELEDLights, we have invested our time and resources into making rebates easier for you. We have search tools so you can look at what is available on your own, we have an automated chat tool that can look up rebates for you, and we have real live employees ready to take your call or read your email and help you out. We can simply tell you about the rebates and let you handle them, or we can have the paperwork done and the rebates processed for you. It is up to you. We hope this makes getting better lighting at a better price simpler.

If you are in the PECO service area, there is a good chance you could get lights for $1 apiece, just like Kristoff did. If your company isn’t in the PECO area, don’t worry. We help customers across the USA get great rebates. Our company has offices on both coasts, located in PA and CA, so someone is always available to help on your schedule.

Our on-staff lighting professionals also provide a variety of other free services like layout designs, energy savings audits, and more.

Reach out today to get started on your retrofit or new construction lighting project and find out how much you could save along the way.

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