When looking to buy LEDs, it’s very important to know what type, lumens, wattage, and kelvins are needed for the room or outdoor environment. What does that all mean?


What are lumens?

Lumens measures the total visible amount from a lamp or light source. Lights with higher lumens produce brighter light.


What are Watts?

Wattage is the rate at which energy is used. The higher the wattage, the higher energy consumption rate. The lower the wattage, the lower the energy consumption rate¬— and your power bill.


What are kelvins?

The Kelvin scale is an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale. When we're referring to the Kelvin "color temperature" of lights, though, what we're actually referring to is the color produced when what the scientists call "an ideal black-body radiator" is heated to a particular kelvin temperature. At lower temperatures (2000K, say), the "black-body radiator" glows a warm yellow-orange. In the 4000Ks, it takes on a more neutral white, and as it heads toward 6000K, its glow turns to a more bluish tint.

Certain environments require different kelvin levels. The most popular are between 2000K-6000K.

What type of LED lights are there?

You can find a wide variety of LED lights these days, including tubes, panels, high bays, corn lights, wall packs, solar, any many more. Each type of LED light serves a different purpose for different environments.



High & Low Bays




Wall Pack

Metal Halide Retrofit


Magnetic Strips


Linear High Bay





Is it worth converting to LEDs?

Check out our savings calculator! All you have to do is fill in a few columns about your current lights, and what you’re switching to. We do the calculations, and in seconds we will show you how much money you’ll be saving when you upgrade to LEDs!

For more complex calculations—such as the energy savings for an entire facility—or for assistance in determining which and how many lights you need for your lighting project, get in touch with our lighting team. You can use our Live Chat, email lights@eledlights.com or call (215) 355-7200.

Save energy, save money. Switch to LED today.

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