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Maximize crop yield and quality while minimizing costs. Leveraging the industry-leading efficiency of our commercial-grade LED grow lights will help you increase your grow room's potential and profit margin.

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Whether you're looking to achieve the same yield at lower costs or increase your yield without increasing your energy bill, you'll find the best grow lights for your commercial crops right here. Outfit your grow room, grow tent, greenhouse, basement, or other indoor farm area today.

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X3 330W Grow Light - Flowering Optimized/Full Cycle Spectrum330W X-Series Commercial Grow Light
330W X-Series Commercial Grow Light
Sale priceFrom $529.00
660W S-Series LED Grow Light660W S-Series LED Grow Light
660W S-Series LED Grow Light
Sale price$625.00
X3 500W Grow Light - Flowering Optimized/Full Cycle Spectrum500W X-Series Commercial Grow Light
600W X-Series Commercial Grow Light600W X-Series Commercial Grow Light
600W X-Series Commercial Grow Light
Sale priceFrom $1,075.00
X6 1000W Grow Light - Flowering Optimized/Full Cycle Spectrum1000W X-Series Commercial Grow Light

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Bigger, Better Yields

Watt-for-watt, X-Series LED replacements produce higher yields than HPS lights without increasing energy footprint

Significantly less heat radiation means reduced moisture evaporation & lower cooling costs

Passive cooling ensures quiet operation

High intensity means higher yields, and our commercial LED grow lights bring the intensity*. At the same time, by operating at an efficiency of up to 3.1 micromoles per joule, these lights consume significantly less energy than HPS, or even fluorescent, grow lights. This allows your horticulture operation to get the best yield and quality while keeping operating costs down.

With the dimming capability and the lights' ratchet hanging system, you also gain control over the transition from veg to flower. With this, you'll maximize both crop production and available space by reducing stretch. And with the lower infrared radiation thanks to cooler-running LED technology, you'll experience less evaporation, which means you'll save on water and nutrients. And if you're producing extracts from your crop, you'll see a yield increase there as well.

Shop our selection of X-Series commercial grow lights today & reap the benefits in your bottom line.

* We recommend starting them off dimmed and raised as high above the plants as possible, then brightening and adjusting as needed