Understanding LED Panel Lights

Panel Lights offer a contemporary, sleek alternative to old linear fluorescent lighting. One of the things that make panel lights look so much better than fluorescent troffers is their smooth, edge-to-edge lighting. When you look up at a fluorescent tube fixture, you can see the tubes through the diffuser, even when the light is on—the light is bright where the tubes are, but darker in the spaces between the tubes. With LED panel lights, the diffuser is evenly lit all the way across.

Of course, they're also cheaper to run than fluorescent fixtures, and they run for five times longer without burning out. Because they don't use a ballast, they run quietly and without any of the flickering or dimming we've become accustomed to with ballast-based lighting.

Where and How are Panel Lights Used?

Drop Ceilings

The most common place LED panel lights are used is in suspended ("drop") ceilings. They are a great option, because replacing an existing fluorescent fixture with drop ceiling LED light panels is a quick, straightforward task.

Suspended/Hung from Ceiling or Overhead Beams

Panel lights from ELEDLights come standard with wires that can be used to suspend the lights from a ceiling or trusswork. This is ideal for applications where the ceiling is high, and you want to bring lighting closer to a workspace. It can also look very striking and modern, as in this application, where 2x4 LED panels are suspended with chains:

2x2 LED panel lights suspended from ceiling with chains

Surface Mounted on Horizontal Surfaces (Like Ceilings)

LED panel lights can be mounted directly to the ceiling, either by building a frame for it or by using a slim frame mount accessory designed for the purpose. In the video below, YouTube user Kent Diego mounts a 2x4 LED panel light directly to the underside of a shelf over his workbench:

Surface Mounted on Vertical Surfaces (Like Walls)

For a dramatic, window-like lighting effect, LED panel lights can also be mounted to walls. Dimmable panel lights, which allow you to control the brightness, can be mounted behind shelves for unique display lighting. For retail stores, a 2x2 LED panel at the back of a display box can make a striking showcase for shoes, jewelry, perfume, artwork, and other items. An LED panel behind a bar will send light through the bottles for an eye-catching effect.

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