When lights started going out at Or Hadash Synagogue in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, they had a problem. The synagogue, which is housed in a historic mansion in the Philly suburbs, has a gorgeous ceiling that 52 bulbs were showcasing, but as the bulbs burned out, administrators found that there were no replacements available. New energy efficiency laws had put those bulbs out of production in 2012.

ELEDLights helped Or Hadash with a new installation of 4-foot and 8-foot LED tube lights.

The new install came with an unexpected benefit. Over the years, as bulbs had burned out and been replaced, the light colors were no longer uniform, distracting from the overall effect. The new LED tubes now provide uniform light color around the perimeter of the ceiling, and the ceiling is as beautiful as it was when it was first installed.

Or Hadash, founded in 1983, is a congregation of over 200 families. Learn more about Or Hadash at www.orhadash.com or take a look at the building the synagogue is housed in.

Or Hadash Synagogue gets new LED lights