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Like many dentists, Dr. Raymond Kimsey of Comfortable Dentistry has drop ceilings in his treatment room. The downside to these is that if you're going to use the traditional troffer lights that fit into the drop-ceiling grid, you're limited as to how you can place your lighting—the lights will have to run in the same direction as the ceiling grid. And of course, lighting is important to being able to provide good patient care.

Dr. Kimsey, however, came up with an interesting way to use LED panel lights to get just the right placement of ceiling lighting. As you can see in the photo, instead of dropping the panel lights into the ceiling grid, they've surface-mounted them at angles above the chair so that light falls on all sides of the chair.

To accomplish this, they covered plywood in felt and secured it to the ceiling. Holes in the plywood allow room for the LED drivers on the panel and the wiring, so that the thin 2ft x 2ft LED panels can be flush-mounted.

Dr. Kimsey has always been an innovator. He's developed specialized surgical instruments for bone grafting, implant placement, and restoration dentistry, and his Coral Gables, Florida, practice focuses on each patient's individual concerns and priorities. Learn more about Comfortable Dentistry.

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