Solar Fixtures: Outdoor Light Without the Wiring Hassle

What would you say to an outdoor LED lighting option that required no wiring and cost nothing to run? If this sounds like an attractive option, solar lights may be the perfect choice for you. With a wide range of products and styles you’re certain to find the right solar light for any outdoor application when you shop with us.

Each of these lights in our product spotlight feature their own solar panel, lithium battery, and high-lumen power source. Check below to see an array of different lighting options for multiple application cases, pole or surface mounting, and different aesthetic styles. Many of our featured lights come complete with motion sensors as well, allowing you to preserve the battery’s charge for as long as possible.

The length of time a panel can hold its charge depends on sun exposure, weather conditions, and the working mode of the light. Many of our lights can shine continuously for 3-to-5 days without experiencing a charge, in the event of gray or rainy days.

Solar LED Pathway & Street Light

The perfect pole-mounted choice for streets, roadways, parking lots, or other outdoor areas, this IP65-rated design provides the wide area coverage you need from pole-mounted lights while still delivering 7,500 lumens of off-the-grind power. Look into our Solar LED Pathway & Street Light.

Flat Solar LED Bollard Lights

A flexible, aesthetically pleasing lighting solution nearly anywhere, our solar bollards are ideal for illuminating walkways and footpaths. Equipped with motion sensors, these 70-lumen lights switch on in the presence of movement. As movement fades, illumination gradually and gracefully decreases. View our Flat Solar LED Bollard Lights.

Solar LED Globe Light

This stylish, easily mounted globe fixture can provides you with 1,800 lumens of illumination with absolutely 0 energy usage; no wiring or installation by an electrician necessary. Motion sensors preserve the light’s energy, and a handheld remote allows for the easy switching of illumination modes. Take a look at our Solar LED Globe Light.

Solar Wall Mount Cone Fixture

Solar lights are the ideal answer to the question of lighting in difficult-to-reach or difficult-to-wire outdoor locations. This mounted cone fixture can get you the light you need just about anywhere, providing 310 lumens of motion-activated illumination with an easy-mounting bracket. Check out our Solar LED Wall Mount Cone Fixture.