Outdoor LED Flood Lights: Perfect for Your Park, Field, or Venue

With the onset of summer, many folks will be spending more time outdoors, further into the evening. If you’re responsible for a sports facility, outdoor venue, or pavilion, you know how important exterior lighting is to keeping your facility safe as the sun goes down.

If you’re looking for the right solution to your outdoor lighting concerns— especially when it comes to maximum area coverage— keep our line of efficient outdoor LED flood lights in mind. They’re sure to offer you an ideal solution to your exterior area coverage concerns.

High Power 600W LED Floodlight with Bracket & Hood

This light goes above and beyond what you can normally expect from floodlights, not only providing enough illumination for sports fields, but its 96,000 lumens of brightness is enough to provide adequate lighting for dam construction, cranes and rigging, and quarries. The tighter beam angle that our High Power 600W Flood with Bracket and Hood offers allows for flexibility in placement, making it perfect for application cases where your light needs to reach a wide area further away than many floodlights can reach. Read up on our High Power 600W Floods.

900W LED Large Area Floodlight

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your area lighting. With 3 separate LED modules that can be rotated independently on the fixture’s axis, an IP66 weather rating, and wind testing and certification at 90 feet, this 900W Large Area Flood can be used to replace a number of existing metal halides, cutting your lighting power draw by up to 60%. A 50,000 hour guaranteed lifespan and 5-year warranty backing it means that, once you’ve got this light in place, your maintenance concerns will disappear. No matter how broad an area you're looking to cover, this light is perfect. Get full coverage for your soccer or baseball field! Find out if our 900W Large Area Floodlight is right for you.