PA Private School Gets New LED Lights for $3 a Piece and Tens of Thousands in Energy Savings

Villa Maria Academy Lower School, a private Catholic elementary school located in Malvern, PA, recently saved thousands when upgrading their lighting. The school retrofitted fluorescent troffers with our magnetic LED light strips. Thanks to financial incentives from the Pennsylvania energy company, PECO, they were able to significantly offset upfront costs. Instant lighting rebates the school received amounted to $27 per 2X2 fluorescent to LED retrofit kit and $33 per 2X4 fluorescent to LED retrofit kit. The result was 92% in project cost savings!

Instant lighting rebates the school received amounted to $27 per 2X2 kit and $33 per 2X4 kit. The result was 92% in project cost savings!

The school's previous lighting system consisted of outdated fluorescent troffers that consumed a lot of energy and required frequent maintenance. Additionally, the quality of the light produced by fluorescent bulbs is poor, which can lead to eye strain for students and teachers. To address these issues, Villa Maria Academy Elementary School turned to ELEDLights to provide an LED lighting solution that would meet their specific needs and budget.

LED strip kits were an easy-install solution that worked with their existing ceiling troffers, giving their lighting a facelift with minimal disruption to school operations. The new LED strips produce a bright, natural light that closely resembles daylight, which creates a more inviting and comfortable learning environment.

The energy savings resulting from the new LED lighting system are also significant. By replacing fluorescent lights with LED, the school will save an estimated 75% in monthly lighting costs. This will mean a reduction of their annual energy costs by about $60,000. With these energy savings, and an upfront total of just $3 per fixture, the cost of their lighting upgrade will be covered after the first month of use!

With their new LED lighting, Villa Maria Academy Lower School will now enjoy reduced maintenance costs, a huge cut to their monthly energy overhead, and a better learning environment for their students. By working with a trusted provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions who could help them get all the rebates available to them, the school was able to make a smart investment that will pay them back for years to come.

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