New Construction in New York: How Unique LED Pendant Lighting Transformed an Old Building

Street view of the completed redevelopment project in Rochester, New York.

Full Redevelopment of an Old Building in New York

In the heart of Rochester, NY, a stunning redevelopment project has been completed. Birnbaum Companies fully transformed an old building, bringing it into the modern age. One of the key elements of this revitalization was the introduction of cutting-edge LED lighting in the form of unique pendant lights procured by ELEDLights.

New Construction Project Management

Since this project involved intensive redevelopment of the building, it was categorized as new construction. New construction projects have specific requirements (such as complying with local laws and meeting regulatory standards, integrating seamlessly with other systems, and having flexibility for future changes). The lighting project management team at ELEDLights are experts at both new construction and retrofit projects, with tons of experience helping companies who are renovating commercial properties.

Lighting Selection & Highlights

The choice of lighting plays a crucial role in any project. At ELEDLights, our project management team has access to a wide range of vendors, which ensures a good mix of options for providing the best solutions possible for clients.

In this case, Birnbaum Companies opted for a selection of high-quality Suspended Direct Linear LED Pendants and Round Suspended Ring LED Pendants. The spaces targeted for enhancement included a conference room, lobby, and hallways. Some of the key details include:

  • All of the selected LED fixtures offer a 3500K white light, which is a warm neutral tone that creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Choosing the same color temperature for each area allows for a feeling of consistency throughout the space.
  • The versatility of the round pendant lights allowed for mounting heights ranging from 9 feet to 19.5 feet, which adds dimension and an interesting dynamic to the lighting design.

See below for a lookbook of the installed pendant lighting:

Starting Your New Construction or Full Renovation Project

Building a commercial property from the ground up or completely gutting an existing commercial building like Birnbaum? Then, you will also need all-new lighting fixtures. For help with anything from product procurement to rebate processing, reach out to the team at ELEDLights for a comprehensive solution. By providing end-to-end oversight of lighting projects, we ensure new construction and renovation lighting projects are completed on time and on budget.