Free ELEDLights Lighting Services Give Big Value 

From small jobs to big ones, our on-staff lighting professionals have spent the past decade helping ELEDLights customers achieve the best lighting for their properties while keeping lighting projects within budget and energy footprints low. And these services are available at no cost to you, as part of the ELEDLights white glove experience.

As we like to say: the earlier you bring us in on your project, the more we can help you save. Read on for details about the service levels we offer, then hit us up for your next lighting project.

Lighting Services Menu:

Lighting Audit & Rebate Analysis

Are you thinking of upgrading or replacing the lighting on your commercial or multi-unit residential property? Whether you need to resolve lighting issues, decrease energy costs, or become more green, a lighting survey is a good place to start. 

What It Is

A lighting audit, also called a lighting survey, evaluates your current lighting and provides you with a return on investment (ROI) analysis on replacing or retrofitting your existing lighting with LED lighting that best fits the footcandle requirements of your application. With this survey, you'll know what you could expect in energy savings and how quickly the project will pay for itself. And you'll have a document to present to decision-makers to get their buy-in on the lighting upgrade.

As part of an ELEDLights lighting survey, we can also perform a rebate analysis. This is where our team researches your lighting upgrade's eligibility for any and all energy efficiency incentives that may be available through your utility provider. Energy efficiency incentives, where available, can significantly reduce the cost of a lighting upgrade—but navigating the programs and requirements can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if it's not part of your regular job.

Our team does rebate research on a daily basis and will include information about your project's eligibility and how much you could save there as part of your survey.

How We Save You Money

A professional lighting survey, even without rebate research, can cost several thousand dollars. Some lighting manufacturers offer them for free, but their recommendations are generally limited to their own catalog of lighting, which means you may miss opportunities to get higher efficiency lighting, or lighting that's more specifically suited to your needs (or budget).

ELEDLights customers are eligible to get lighting surveys for free. Our recommendations aren't limited to the products you'll see on our website. ELEDLights has access to nearly all major manufacturers' lighting catalogs. Our designers regularly spec and special order lighting and lighting controls from outside our own warehouses when those lights would be a better fit for the project's needs or budget.

Plus, depending on your location and the specifics of your project, our rebate research can uncover savings on light fixtures, lighting controls, and sometimes installation expenses as well. Such incentives may take a couple hundred dollars off your project, or they may reduce your cost to as little as $1/fixture plus sales tax. It all depends on where you are and the programs available to you—and on knowing how to navigate those programs.  

If you're planning to convert your old lighting to LED, replace your old lighting fixtures with new and better performing LED fixtures, or update your old LED lighting to new, much higher efficiency, state-of-the-art LED lighting, complete our short lighting services request form, making sure to select both Lighting Audit and Rebate Assistance

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Lighting Layout Plan

Simple spaces—a warehouse or service bay in need of high bay lights, for instance—need only a simple plan.

What It Is

A lighting layout shows you which lights to install for your application and how far apart to space them to get even lighting across your space, whether that space is a gymnasium, a parking lot, a factory, a soccer field, or a big box store.

With this plan in hand, you can purchase your lights, pass the layout on to your electrician, and get the final results you expect, without any surprises, disappointments, or frustrations. 

How We Save You Money

Some lighting sites provide self-service online layout tools; these are simple calculators and will output a result without too much work, but if you play with them a bit you'll often find little things that don't quite make sense, like getting the same recommendation whether you input a 20 foot ceiling or 40 foot ceiling, when clearly you won't get the same real-world results hanging the same lights at the same spacing in those ceilings.

So, the online tools are easy, but they're also big guesstimates. At ELEDLights, humans put together and check over your layout before it's sent to you. The end result is that you end up with lighting you're satisfied with—no guesswork involved.

ELEDLights currently offers free lighting layouts for simple high-ceiling applications, such as warehouses, gymnasiums, retail stores, hangars, car service bays, etc. Simply complete our Free High Bay Lighting Layout form.

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Photometric Layouts

For many projects, a lighting survey or basic layout plan is all that's needed, but when you're looking at more than a simple lighting upgrade or a basic lighting layout, a photometric layout is the next step. 

What It Is

This comprehensive lighting plan ensures your lighting levels meet all requirements of the space, including both decision-maker expectations and municipal codes, before construction begins. And it ensures you will have even lighting distribution that meets the light levels required for the activities that will take place in the space, while at the same time ensuring your illumination doesn't trespass onto neighboring properties or roadways. The ideal light fixtures to meet both your lighting requirements and budget will be laid out by the plan. And, once finalized, this photometric layout can be used as documentation for building inspectors and as a roadmap for contractors and electricians, saving you in labor costs during the install process.

How We Save You Money

Were you to you hire your own lighting designer, you'd find that photometric layouts for commercial projects cost several thousand dollars, or even into the tens of thousands, depending on the scope and complexity of the job.

When you source your lights from ELEDLights, you have access to our professional on-staff lighting designers as a free service. These designers do nothing but photometric layouts and other lighting design projects for our customers. We don't mark up the lights to cover those costs, either: our lighting pros are part of our regular staff.

If your commercial or multi-unit residential lighting project qualifies for a full photometric layout plan, you'll save a few thousand dollars by utilizing our in-house lighting services team. It's free to find out if your project qualifies: Complete our short lighting consultation form and select Photometric Layout to get started. If you're renovating an existing space, you may also want to select Rebate Assistance to find out if your project qualifies for additional savings through energy efficiency rebates and incentives. 

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Architectural Lighting Design

When aesthetic matters as much as light output, you'll want full architectural lighting design.

What It Is

Architectural lighting design includes four components geared toward making sure your lighting meets both your illumination needs and your aesthetics:

Step One: Photometric Layout. Just as described in the previous section.

Step Two: Concept Designs. With the lighting specs determined, our designers look for lighting that goes beyond specs to match the look and feel of your space. This includes working with your architect's or designer's plan for projects involving remodeling or new builds.

Step Three: 3D Renderings. Our team takes the fixtures you select in the concept design stage and creates a photo-realistic rendering of your space with its new lighting, so that you can review the final appearance. Check out a 3D rendering we did for one of our Philadelphia customers.

Step Four: Final Walkthrough. After your lighting has been installed, our team makes sure the completed project has met your standards and expectations.

How We Save You Money

Architectural lighting design from lighting design firms generally start around $5,000 and can climb upwards of $50,000, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Once again, ELEDLights makes our professional lighting design staff available to customers, providing significant savings—up to tens of thousands of dollars—on the cost of your important lighting project.

If your high-end commercial or multi-unit residential lighting project qualifies for our complimentary architectural lighting design package, you'll save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, by utilizing our on-staff lighting services team. Find out if your project qualifies—just submit a lighting consultation form to get the ball rolling, being sure to select Architectural Lighting Design from the options available.

Please note that, due to the time and resources involved, we may ask for a retainer for complex layout, photometric, and architectural design jobs. If a retainer is required, you will receive 100% of it back as a credit on your lighting order.

Final Note

If you have a lighting need not covered by the above services, don't assume we can't do it. Drop us a line today and tell us what you need! We have over ten years’ experience working with end users, contractors, developers, franchises, architects, and installers of all sizes to make their commercial, municipal, and industrial lighting projects a success. We are always up for a challenge—hit us up with yours.