How 3D Rendering Services Make Your Project Easier

Do you have a unique application? Or do you want to see what the lighting will look like in your space before committing to specific fixtures? With 3D renderings, our team can ensure your new lighting fits the design of your space and give you peace of mind that your project will come out just like you are envisioning.

3D Renderings of Lighting in Action

A recent customer our team helped by providing our 3D rendering services was in Philadelphia, PA. We were able to help their decision makers visualize the space with specific fixtures. No wondering or hoping it will look good – 3D renders take the guesswork out of choosing the right lighting. The interior design was perfected, thanks to this tool for virtual space design.

Example: 3D renderings provided to our Philadelphia, PA customer.

Design Services and Resources by ELEDLights

3D renderings of lighting fixtures in simulated spaces are one of the many services the Lighting Project Management division of ELEDLights offers. You can also receive photometric layouts (which show the best number of fixtures to install for optimal light output and efficiency), floor plans with lighting added, sourcing of all the lighting you choose, and more – all completed with your budget in mind. We grow a concept into a full design into a completed project. Learn more about our expert lighting design services on our Lighting Project Management website, and request a free lighting design consultation for your project today.