Meet the New ELEDLights ECO Series

Anyone interested in getting the most bang for their buck will want to check out our updated line of ECO Products. From indoor lighting for high ceilings, to parking lot lighting solutions, and everything in between, there is an energy efficient, affordable option for your company at

The new ECO series boasts significantly lower fixture costs—but without cutting corners. Each product is still extensively tested by our in-house experts to ensure top quality performance. Find your category below to get started exploring our latest offerings.

High Bay Lights

Whether you need round or linear fixtures, our 4 new lighting options for high ceilings won’t disappoint.

• ECO 150W Dimmable LED High Bay
This new fixture offers the highest lumen-output for 12-15ft ceilings, is super-efficient with 147 lm/w, and it comes at a low price point!

• ECO 240W Dimmable LED High Bay
Customers looking to illuminate spaces with 20-35ft ceilings can now get 35,000 lumens without paying a high price tag by choosing this new ECO high bay.

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• 165W Linear LED High Bay Panel
Companies can now reduce energy overhead by 72% by replacing inefficient 600W metal halide lights with this new ECO linear LED high bay option.

• 300W Linear LED High Bay Panel
800W HID lights can now easily be swapped out for high-efficiency LEDs, cutting energy waste in half while putting out 43,000 lumens for high-ceiling applications.

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Parking Lot Lights

Illuminating your parking lot just got even more affordable with the super bright and efficient shoebox light options now available.

• 150W LED Shoebox Area Light
Meet an affordable new fixture for high-demand lighting applications that is easy to install on up to 30ft poles and comes with dusk-to-dawn smart features. 120V and 480V available (8 to 10 week lead time on 480V).

• 300W LED Shoebox Area Light
This high-output lighting option for 40ft+ poles will go easy on your wallet; you’ll save in upfront costs and, thanks to built-in photocell technology, you’ll save extra in monthly overhead. 120V and 480V available (8 to 10 week lead time on 480V).

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Gas Station Lights

Our new ECO canopy light options are now the highest output and highest efficiency options we have available in the gas station lighting category. That’s eco-friendly meeting high-power.

• 180W Gas Station LED Canopy
This is your new affordable replacement fixture for 400W HID lights that will cut your energy overhead by over 50%.

• 240W Gas Station LED Canopy
Don’t break the bank while upgrading from 1000W HID lights to an energy efficient alternative; our 240W canopy light will boost your energy savings by 76%, easily paying off your up-front costs in less than 1 year.

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Corn Light Retrofits

High-efficiency corn lights are now available to help brighten your indoor or outdoor space while remaining budget-friendly. They will be easy to install and easy on your wallet.

• 36W LED Corn Light
150W fixtures can now be retrofitted with this 36W corn lamp—that means your new light will only use ¼ of the wattage!

• 54W LED Corn Light
This new retrofit for 175W fixtures will leave you with less than 1/3 of the energy costs and can pay for itself in a little over a year.

• 120W LED Corn Light
With an average payoff period of under 1 year and a 70% energy savings increase, this 120W lamp is a no-brainer.

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Interested in ECO Line?

If you have any questions about specific products, or if you would like help getting started with your LED upgrade, feel free to contact our lighting experts by calling 215.355.7200 or emailing us at