LED Lighting for Enhanced Safety and Security in Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings face many safety and security challenges. One avenue for tackling these challenges is lighting. In fact, an efficient lighting system is crucial in ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.

When it comes to lighting, LED lighting offers several benefits that can enhance safety and security in commercial buildings while significantly reducing energy costs compared to other lighting technologies.

In this article, we will explore how LED lights can improve safety and security in commercial buildings.

Improved Visibility

The bright, even illumination from LED lighting can improve visibility in and around commercial buildings, and the long life of LED technology reduces the chances that lights will go out when they're most needed. These qualities can help to prevent accidents and make it easier for employees and visitors to navigate through the property. Additionally, LED lights, which are directional by nature, can be positioned to provide targeted lighting, illuminating dark corners and reducing the risk of accidents.

LED technology is also instant-on, unlike high pressure sodium and metal halide lighting. Those older technologies can take as much as 20 minutes to reach full brightness. That's 20 minutes of compromised visibility.

Increased Control

LED lights can be connected to lighting controls and advanced lighting control systems. This allows commercial properties to adjust lighting levels to suit specific tasks and times of day. By providing lighting coverage when and where it's needed, safety and security are ensured. At the same time, energy bills are reduced by lowering lighting levels when 100% brightness isn't required.

Learn more about advanced lighting controls in a real-world application: Our team designed a lighting plan and supplied the fixtures and controls for the Thompson Lexus of Willow Grove dealership. You can read about it in "How to Brilliantly Light a Car Dealership While Slashing Energy Costs by 85%."

Emergency Lighting

LED lights are ideal for emergency lighting applications, as they are highly efficient and can be easily integrated into an emergency lighting system. In the event of a power outage, LED emergency lights or standard LED lights equipped with emergency backup drivers can provide reliable and efficient emergency lighting for 90 minutes, ensuring that employees and visitors can safely evacuate the building.

Deterrent to Crime

The improved visibility of LED lights makes it difficult for criminals to hide in the shadows. And, because they last an average of 50,000 operating hours—significantly longer than other lighting technologies—you can rely on lighting coverage for years without maintenance. There will be far fewer burned-out lamps for potential criminals to take advantage of. Learn more about lighting as a crime deterrent in "The Correlation Between Street Lights and Crime."

Types of Safety & Security Lighting

From parking lots to building entrances, from stairwells to exits—throughout your commercial property you'll find areas that can benefit from safety or security lighting. Here are some of our most popular safety and security lighting options:

Outdoor Security Lighting includes wall packs, flood lights, and canopy lights for building facades and awnings, parking lot lights, parking garage lighting

Exit Signs & Emergency Lights save energy while meeting building codes.

Harsh & Hazardous Location Lights provide safe lighting in volatile areas & under harsh conditions.

If you're looking for a specific lighting solution, we have access to the catalogs of most major lighting manufacturers. Check out our line card or submit a product inquiry.

LED lights play a critical role in enhancing safety and security in commercial buildings. They provide improved visibility, increased control, emergency lighting, and a deterrent to crime. By switching to LED lights, commercial property owners and leaseholders can ensure a safer and more secure environment for employees and visitors.