ELEDLIGHTS 2020 Year in Review

We probably aren’t the only ones looking forward to putting 2020 behind us and moving into the new and (hopefully) improved 2021. But looking back, we still have plenty to be grateful for.

Check out our end-of-year video!

Supporting Franchisees at IFA and Unconference 2020

We didn’t know these would be the only conferences we attended this year—or that Unconference would be cut short. But we did enjoy meeting hundreds of people connected to franchising!

Franchises we worked with in 2020

Moving Into Our New Pennsylvania Facility

ELEDLIGHTS headquarters in Hatboro, PA.

In February of this year, we decided to upgrade to a 35,000 sq. ft. building, complete with in-house engineering, marketing, layout design, shipping, and customer service departments. It even has an employee gym!

Helping Great Customers Bring Lighting Projects to Life

From an equipment dealership in Illinois to an engine building facility in Southern California, ELEDLIGHTS has helped shed some light on a variety of projects.

Our team of experts was happy to provide improved lighting layouts, better light quality, and outstanding energy savings to our customers—who make it all possible.

Savings estimated from an ELEDLIGHTS lighting project.

Adapting to a New Mode of Business

Then, shortly after moving in, we had to leave the new office. While having to work from home because of COVID-19, our team of people exhibited resiliency during the trying times and ingenuity in the face of difficulty.

As a result, we brainstormed and began offering more remote services and new products.

Launching New Products in an Effort Against COVID-19

To help small and large business alike in reopening or finding a safer mode of operation during the pandemic, ELEDLIGHTS began offering Disinfecting UV-C Lighting products.

Whether you need after-hours cleaning or disinfection in occupied rooms, ELEDLIGHTS has effective options for your company.

Looking Forward to 2021

Our team is optimistic about the year ahead. As this year comes to a close, we hope you and your company can find things to be grateful for and look forward to as well. Feel free join us in bidding farewell to 2020 and welcoming 2021 on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Facebook.