Easy Lighting Upgrade for Equipment Company Using Swing-Up Retrofits

Our lighting project with Brian J. Sievers, of the Illinois-based Sievers Equipment Company

Sievers Equipment upgrades their shops & showrooms to LED lighting

A Little About Sievers

ELEDLights recently helped Brian J. Sievers revamp the lighting of Sievers Equipment Company. Brian Sievers is part of the third generation of the Sievers’ family-owned and operated equipment dealership, founded in 1971 by Walter and Ruth Sievers. They currently offer residential, agricultural, and construction equipment from seven locations.

Before the Project

Originally, multiple areas of Sievers Equipment Co. used fluorescent lighting that was costing thousands of dollars more than necessary. In order to reduce energy waste, Sievers wanted to switch to LED, and do so in a more ecologically friendly way, by mounting new retrofits directly onto their old fixtures.

We helped repurpose the previous fixture housing and upgraded four areas of lighting for them: the west shop, the east shop, a showroom, and a parts warehouse. In total, Sievers decided on 48 retrofit kits and 7 new fixtures.

Area Lumens Wattage Color SKU Qty
West & East Shops 24,700 164W 5000K TFE-HO-50-P1 32
West Shop 26,100 180W 5000K LDPPMXX180UD50N 7
Showroom 16,000 105W 4000K TFE-MO-40-P1 8
Parts Warehouse 16,000 105W 5000K TFE-MO-50-P1 8

The Project Itself

The east and west shops are the same height, with lights ranging from 23’ to 30’ heights. Between the east and west shops, Sievers purchased 32 Swing-Up LED linear high bay retrofits for fluorescent fixtures.

For the East Shop, Sievers decided to retrofit his fluorescent 6-lamp T8 fixtures with High Output 5000K, Swing-Up LED retrofits (model # TFE-HO-50-P1).

Sievers' east shop with fluorescent high bays retrofitted to LED

The East Shop Result

Saved ~$1,950 /year in energy costs by totally retrofitting with 24 Swing-Up lights.

In the West Shop, Sievers decided on a mix of retrofit kits and new fixtures, because there were not enough existing fixtures in this space. “Rather than buy old T8 fixtures and retrofit them,” he explains, he decided to buy new 180W Linear LED High Bay Fixtures (model # LDPPMXX180UD50N).

Sievers' west shop now has a mix of fluorescent high bays retrofitted to LED and brand new linear LED high bay light fixtures

The West Shop Result

Area 1. Saved ~$410/year with five Swing-Up LED retrofits

Area 2. Saved ~$240/year with three Swing-Up LED retrofits and two new linear LED fixtures

Area 3. Five new linear LED fixtures installed for increased light coverage

The Showroom is approximately 40x50 ft and had nine 6-lamp fluorescent T8 fixtures at 21’ to 22' heights. The lower ceilings of this area called for lower wattage Medium Output Swing-Up LED retrofits (model # TFE-MO-40-P1). Sievers picked a more natural (4000K) light, because the warmer color is less harsh for customers and employees.

Sievers' showroom with 4000K LED high bay retrofits

Showroom Result

Saved ~$500/year by totally retrofitting with eight Swing-Up retrofit kits and additional diffusers.

Lastly, Sievers decided to retrofit eight 6-lamp fluorescent T8 fixtures in his Parts Warehouse with Medium Output Swing-Up LED retrofits in 5000K color temperature (model # TFE-MO-50-P1) .

Sievers' parts warehouse updated with linear high bay LED retrofits

Parts Warehouse Result

Saved ~$250/year with four retrofit Swing-Up LED retrofits installed at 17 ft.

Saved ~$250/year with four retrofit Swing-Up LED retrofits installed at 19 ft.

After the Project

Brian Sievers let us know that the company loves the updated lighting—so much that next month they want us to retrofit another building.

Sievers cut spending, decreased energy waste, and turned up the brightness by switching to the easiest-to-install Linear High Bay retrofit on the market. These LED retrofit kits feature an average operating life of 70,000 hours. That is a 250% longer lifetime than Seviers' previous fluorescent high bay lamps, and the retrofits are rated at a total of 4,637 fewer Watts for a significant reduction in power consumption.

“The installation was really easy,” says Sievers of the retrofits' patented swing-up design. It took about 28 hours to complete his install, but Sievers thinks that, in a more open space, that time could be cut by 25% - 40%.

By making the switch to Buy American Swing-Up retrofit lights, Sievers is saving about $3,600 per year in energy costs. This means his investment could be paid off in roughly 2 ½ years. Throughout the guaranteed lifetime of these lights, his total savings will be around $11,600 altogether.

Interested in Swing-Up Lights?

Our Swing-Up LED Retrofit for T5/T8/T12 Fluorescent High Bay Fixture is part of a range of innovative lighting fixtures made in our Pennsylvania facility. Like all the items featured as Buy American on our website, this fixture is fit for use by the government, ARRA, ePACT and LEED programs, and all federal agencies.

But our Buy American lights aren’t just for government projects; they are for all light buyers who want dependability, convenience, and performance.

We design, manufacture, and ship our own LED lighting products, benefitting customers with our in-house quality controls, and allowing us to meet all USA safety standards. By focusing on creating great products, everything is built to last and backed up by a strong warranty.

Worried About the Cost?

While switching to high quality Buy American LED lighting may initially be an investment, your upfront costs could be lowered by energy efficiency rebates! Our Swing-Up retrofit kits are all DLC-Qualified products, making them eligible for utility company incentives.

If you are wondering about your lighting project’s eligibility for rebates, see how you can quickly find out what rebates are available to you. If you'd rather have us do the legwork, no problem! Complete the short form on our Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives for Lighting page.

Example from our Rebate Finder:

Sievers bought 32 High-Output Swing-Up retrofit kits and is receiving around $1,850 through a utility rebate. 

Rebate Examples Per Fixture from Pennsylvania Utility Companies*:

  • Duquesne Light Co: $70
  • Metropolitan Edison Co: $29
  • Pennsylvania Electric Co: $29
  • West Penn Power Co: $29
  • PECO Energy Co: $58
  • PPL Electric Utilities Corp: $70
  • UGI Utilities Inc: $139

*Rebate amounts shown are estimations of Prescriptive Rebates, based on provided information, and cannot be guaranteed.