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Case Study: Mountune® Gets a Serious Lighting Tune-up

ELEDLIGHTS recently gave the Mountune motor-building facility in Southern California a major lighting upgrade. By calculating energy usage, doing photometric layouts, and speaking one-on-one with President of Mountune USA, Ken Anderson, we were able to find the perfect lighting solution for their needs.

About Mountune: Engineering a Difference

“Mountune was founded in Maldon, Essex UK in 1980 by David Mountain. Originally focused on developing the British Leyland A series engine for motorsport use, the company expanded quickly, backed by the reputation gained from numerous race victories."

Mountune LLC established a USA headquarters in 2013. Then in early 2016, a new flagship facility located in Southern California (pictured) was introduced to serve the growing market in North America.

ELEDLIGHTS helped update this SoCal location. It is a big facility that includes:

  1. A high-ceiling warehouse,
  2. A machine shop,
  3. And a motor-building area.

Before partnering with ELEDLIGHTS, Mountune used a lot of fluorescent tube lighting. After experiencing many of the pitfalls of fluorescents (such as buzzing, flickering, and requiring a warm-up period before turning on), they decided to invest in better lighting that could reduce their monthly energy overhead. So, LED lights were a great solution. And ELEDLIGHTS was a great option for them since we have a facility close by in San Diego.

Mountune's Lighting Before

Mountune previously had 3 continuous rows of 4ft 2-tube linear fluorescent fixtures throughout the facility. Measuring at ~120 feet in length, with 100-foot rows of lamps, the area held a total of 150 tubes at 32W each. This was equivalent to ~4,800 watts of energy consumption.

Mountune's Lighting After

Mountune opted for switching to twenty-one 180W Linear LED High Bay Panels. Each of these lights emits approximately 26,100 lumens of cool white (5000K) light, easily replacing their previous fluorescent lighting while saving more than 1,000 watts of energy.

The Energy Savings

As a result of switching to LED, Ken and the team at Mountune are now able to save over $150 per month. They have reduced energy consumption by 75% and will pay off their initial investment in ~14 months.

Final Word from Mountune

Since the install, Ken reached out to us: “The difference is amazing,” he said, “and we could not be happier. It's hard to believe what a difference the LED lights make. The workspace is now much brighter and safer, and I am looking forward to the savings on our electricity bill.”

Start Your Lighting Upgrade

To get started with your own fluorescent to LED revamp, you can contact our lighting experts by calling 215.355.7200, emailing us at, or through live chat on our website.

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