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Should You Use Air Purifiers with UV Light?

What Are Air-Cleaning UV Fixtures?

Our upper-air UV fixtures utilize enclosed UV-C lamps that continuously clean the air. Working together with ceiling fans, ACs, or HVAC systems, air in your space will be circulated through the disinfecting beam of light. The light combats airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and is safe for use in occupied rooms.


  • No changes need to be made to your existing HVAC system.
  • Can safely be used in occupied rooms.
  • Best choice for reducing airborne transmission of microbes.


  • Does not disinfect surfaces.
  • Must be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

What does UV Light Do in Air Purifiers?

How it Works

Disinfection with ultraviolet light uses specific wavelengths (not chemicals) to inactivate pathogens. Ultraviolet (UV) light is germicidal, meaning it attacks the DNA structure of a variety of cell types, rendering them inactive.

Upper-room UV units have been used in hospitals, especially in tuberculosis wards, for decades. They have even been recognized by the World Health Organization and US Center for Disease Control as an important environmental control to reduce airborne TB transmission.

Are Air-Cleaning UV Lights Safe?

If used correctly, our UV air cleaners are 100% safe. Using any UV light products comes with some risk, but upper-air UV lights are safer than most other options. These fixtures can be safely operated in occupied rooms because the UV light is kept away from any occupants by facing up toward the ceiling or being completely contained in the unit.

Due to its cell-inactivating properties, prolonged, direct exposure to UV rays can be dangerous to humans or animals and can accelerate material degradation, so these devices should be used with care and only according to the included instructions.

Our Available UV Air-Cleaning Options

Germicidal UV Air Cleaner

This dual-fan UV air cleaner can be mounted on a wall or ceiling to provide continuous sterilization of the air. It is perfect for offices, conference rooms, restrooms, classrooms, gyms, hotels, and other enclosed indoor spaces. It features two built-in fans to promote air circulation.

Upper Room Germicidal UV Disinfection

This unit is wall-mounted (7ft high or up) and works together with your existing air conditioning units or fans to continuously disinfect the air as it circulates throughout the room.

This product is Made in the USA, Buy American Act Compliant, and covered by a 5-year warranty. It is also the only upper room germicidal UV unit on the market that is:

  • UL-Certified
  • EPA-Registered
  • IEC 62471 Photobiological Safety-Tested
  • AND FCC compliant (Part 15, Class A).

Alternative UV Disinfection Options

For those interested in after-hours cleaning, ELEDLIGHTS also offers intense surface-disinfecting UVC lighting. Most of these options can only be used in non-occupied spaces, due to the risk of exposure to UV light. However, this selection of portable and permanently installed germicidal lamps are great for use between work shifts or classes, or while your business is closed for the night.

Getting Started: Your Company’s Germicidal Lighting Plan

To find out more about our UV air purifying units, or our other germicidal UV lighting options, reach out to our team today. Our on-staff lighting experts will help you outfit your space with the perfect products for your applications.

Call 215-355-7200, text 267-266-8330, or email to get started.

*A recent study from South Korea examined coronavirus spreading between people who were 20 feet apart, due to currents made by an air conditioning system. Read more here.