Bluford School Upgrades to Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

While Saving 90% on Upfront Costs

The school formerly known as the Universal Bluford Charter School recently received an LED lighting upgrade in preparation for its transition into a School District of Philadelphia elementary school. The school, which is set to open in the same building for the 2023-2024 school year, made a significant step in becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly by choosing LED lights. Switching out old fixtures not only saves money on energy bills but also reduces the carbon footprint of the school.

bluford school

The Bluford School is committed to providing a great education to students from all backgrounds. The school's mission is to create an inclusive learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility. The LED lighting upgrade is one example of the school's commitment to creating a sustainable and innovative learning environment for its students. Providing better lighting quality is important for students’ well-being and will enhance their learning experience.

The LED lights for the Bluford School were purchased from ELEDLights, a leading Philadelphia-area provider of high-quality LED lighting solutions. By partnering with ELEDLights, the Bluford School was able to ensure that they were getting top-quality, reliable lighting products that would provide long-lasting illumination for their classrooms and other areas of the school.

With the help of the commercial utility rebate experts at ELEDLights, the school was also able to get many of these products for just $1 each (plus tax).

The order from ELEDLights for the Bluford School lighting upgrade included:


  • Eight Hundred 4ft Magnetic LED Retrofit Kits
  • Thirty 2ft Magnetic LED Retrofit Kits
  • Four LED Downlight Fixtures
  • Fifteen 150W LED High Bays

School Gym Lighting

Classroom Lighting

Auditorium Lighting

Many of the indoor spaces had high ceilings, which could translate into high energy usage. But with the new LED high bay lights installed, the school will ensure everything can be seen clearly – whether that’s words on the chalkboard, basketballs in the gym, or performances on stage – while greatly reducing their energy expenditure.


  • Eight 150W LED Shoebox Area Lights with Direct Arm Mounts
  • Seventeen 150W LED Shoebox Area Lights with Yoke Mounts
  • Twelve 67W Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs

School Parking Lot Lighting

School Security Lighting

The upgrade to the school exterior will improve safety and security for kids, staff, and parents as they are walking to and from the building as well as driving and parking at the school. The new LED parking lot lights and security lights will also reduce energy overhead while meeting the brightness needs.

Their order total would have been $50,000. The school received about $45,000 in Instant Lighting Rebates through Pennsylvania energy company, PECO. Meaning, they got 90% off their bill!

These LED lights will help the Bluford School save money on energy bills, reduce its carbon footprint, and provide better lighting quality for students. Since they were eligible for PECO Instant Rebates, they got all of that for very little out-of-pocket. With this new LED lighting upgrade, the future looks bright for this newly transformed Philadelphia elementary school.

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