Admints Lights Up Their Courtyard

With Daylight Saving Time coming to an end, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the safety, security, and peace-of-mind of your employees when entering and leaving your facility. One of our recent clients, Bellmawr Industrial & Technology Center’s Admints, was worried about how safe their employees felt while navigating a courtyard between their two buildings. ELEDLights was happy to help!

Brett, President at Admints (a leading supplier of promotional swag and gift items in NJ) noticed a possible safety concern with dim lighting in his courtyard. Working in advance of the oncoming early nights, Brett was concerned about his employees, wanting them to feel safe when making the trip between the property’s buildings and out to their cars. ELEDLights provided Brett and Admints with a set of shoebox lights and wall packs for their courtyard and around the sides of their buildings, illuminating their courtyard and the rest of their property to put their employees’ safety concerns to rest.

Admints' existing metal halides were replaced with some of our economical 300W LED Shoeboxes as seen in the following image:

Not only was converting to LED outdoor area lighting for around their facility a great decision for safety reasons, they were also able to save a great deal on their purchase through energy-efficiency rebates. With rebates that are still available to ELEDLights customers, Admints was able to save roughly $4,300 on their purchase, eliminating nearly 40% of their final cost! This is in addition to the savings they’ll experience on their energy bills from month to month by converting to energy-friendly LED lights.

Throughout the entire installation process, we were proud to be there when Admints and their employees needed us. As they’re based locally to one of our own locations, our technician Ethan was on-hand to assist them with the installation and setup of their lights, a service that we’re happy to extend to any customers in our immediate area. This helped ensure that their installation process was completely painless and went off without a hitch.

If you’re interested in safety and energy savings now that Daylight Saving Time is over, reach out to the professionals at ELEDLights today. Our on-staff lighting experts would be proud to consult with you and help you build out the perfect solution to your lighting issues. Contact us for a quote on the lights that you need or expert advice on providing maximum lighting coverage for the lowest price.