1. Freezer Tubes

These easy- install LED light tubes are for refrigerated case lighting commonly seen at convenience stores, mini marts, grocery stores, etc. Make your refrigerated display cases pop with standard or high-lumen long-life LED tubes.

2. Sign Light Tubes

These 360-degree LED tubes feature LEDs on both sides. Our 8FT double-sided sign lamps are ideal for easy retrofitting into existing snap-frame style light boxes.

3. U-shaped 2FT LED Tubes

4. 4FT T5 LED Plug and Play Ballast Compatible (Glass)

The easiest way to replace T5 fluorescent tubes with LED. No wiring required: simply change your bulbs. This plug and play 4ft LED T5 HO bulb works with most instant-start and program-start electronic ballasts as well as some emergency and dimmable ballasts.

If you're not sure if this tube is compatible with your fixture, contact our lighting team—we're here to help!

5. 2FT, 4FT, and 8FT Tubes

Replace your fluorescent tubes with bright, reliable, long life LED tube lights, and cut your lighting bills in half. Why LED? In addition to the energy savings, our LED tubes have an average lifespan nearly 70% longer than T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes, which means significantly fewer bulb changes for you. And, unlike fluorescent lights, the operating life of our LED tubes is not degraded using control systems, like occupancy sensors. Plus, our high- and ultra-high lumen tubes offer light so bright that you can reduce the number of tubes installed in your fixtures, which can add up to big savings in lamp costs as well as additional savings in your energy bill.

The parent company of ELEDLights is Manncorp. Manncorp has been in business and operating for over 50 years producing and supplying machines that assemble circuit boards and place components for LEDs. Our engineers know exactly what to look for and are beyond critical of any product that we consider going through our testing process. ELEDLights’ lighting is quality checked at the factory, packed securely for shipping, and backed up by a strong warranty.

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