Watch as we convert a standard metal halide area light with a dusk to dawn sensor to LED. The procedure for converting from metal halide to LED is the same from one lighting fixture to another. You’ll want to bypass the fixture’s transformer and bring power directly to the socket. (Unlike metal halide lamps, LED corn lights don’t need an external transformer.)

Here are the steps:
  1. Make sure all power is turned off
  2. Remove head from pole
  3. Disassemble the lighting fixture to remove the housing to give you access to the inside
  4. Remove all the wires coming to and from the transformer.
  5. Connect the fixture’s line and neutral wires directly to the socket.
  6. Return the socket to the fixture
  7. Reassemble the fixture housing
  8. Mount the head back on the pole
  9. Screw in the LED bulb
  10. Turn the power back on
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