4ft LED Lights: You’ve Got Options

So, you’ve decided you’d like to replace your current fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED lights, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. Depending on how involved your retrofit plan for replacing fluorescent lights with LED is, you have an array of options available to you. From quick and simple magnetic LED strip lights to full fixture replacements, you’re sure to find the right option for your fluorescent replacement at ELEDLights. Let’s take a look at some 4ft LED light options as an example for retrofit solutions that may work for your business.

4ft Magnetic LED Strip Lights

These strip kits are the simplest retrofit option you have available to you. Not only do they install within minutes, they also fit right into your existing 4-foot fixtures! Using our magnetic LED strip lights, you only need to remove your ballast and existing tubes, you won’t even need to worry about disposing of your current fixture. These fluorescent to LED retrofit kits are a great option for a fast and painless lighting upgrade process.

4ft LED Tube Lights

Another option for retrofitting your existing fixtures is switching to LED 4ft tube lights, these dimmable tubes can save you even more on your energy bills each month than our strip kits. With some small modifications to your existing fixture, your new lights will be installed and shining bright in no time at all. Take a look at our installation video for a better idea of how simple it can be to replace your existing fluorescent tubes with these 4ft LED tube lights. Learn more about our 4ft LED tube lights.

4ft Integrated LED Tubes

Are you planning a new installation without any fixtures, or looking to get rid of your fixtures entirely during your retrofit? Check out these efficient and affordable integrated tubes. These tubes act as their own independent fixtures with a slim, attractive, modern profile. Make sure you’ve always got light in places where bulky fixtures would be an issue. Our integrated tubes could be the perfect retrofit option for your building. Check out the full details on our Integrated 4ft LED tubes.

2x4 LED Panel Lights

If your old drop ceiling panel lights are on their last legs, it could be time for a complete fixture replacement. That’s where our full 4-foot LED lights for suspended ceiling come in. These panels are edge-lit, meaning that you won’t experience the hot spots that you normally would with fluorescent tubes. They diffuse light evenly across their surface, offering a clean and polished look along with their excellent light coverage. They’re simple-to-install and are maintenance-free throughout their average 50,000-hour operating life.