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Brighten your environment, lighten your energy bill, and enjoy a good long break from replacing burned-out bulbs. ELEDLights’ range of high-quality, super-efficient T5 and T8 LED tube lights makes your fluorescent-to-LED conversion easy and worry-free.

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LED Fluorescent Replacement Tubes

Any application that’s using linear fluorescent lighting can only be improved by replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED. ELEDLights customers have upgraded offices, workshops, warehouses, factories, fitness centers, beauty salons, convenience stores, liquor stores, service centers, lighted signage, kitchens, home garages, and even the kiln room of an internationally renowned art museum. What’s your fluorescent-to-LED conversion project?

Quick Questions Answered:

Will your T8 LED tubes work with my T12 fixtures?


Do your LED tubes come with installation instructions?

Yes! You can download & preview those from Support Documents area of a tube’s product page.

How difficult is installation?

With ballast-bypass LED tubes, you simply reroute the fixture’s wiring to go directly to the lampholders instead of the ballast. This takes about five minutes per fixture. Double-ended-power ballast-bypass tubes use the lampholders already installed in your fixture, further cutting down installation time. Single-ended-power will require replacing your existing lampholders with non-shunted ones (available in the accessories section of our single-ended-power tube product pages).

Ballast-compatible LED tubes require no wiring, but they’re not compatible with every ballast, and the ballast will still consume power, which cuts into your energy savings. The few minutes spent on re-wiring for ballast-bypass tubes is often worth it in the long run.

What difference do lumens make?

The lumens of an LED tube indicate its brightness: a 2200 lumen tube is 22% brighter than an 1800 lumen tube, for instance, and a 3000 lumen tube is 66% brighter.

Tip: LED tubes can provide the same amount of illumination as a fluorescent that has a higher lumen rating. This is because fluorescent tubes put out 360° of light, sending a good amount of their light upward into the fixture, where it’s essentially lost. Most of our LED tubes are designed to output light out from the fixture, not up into it. The exception is our 360° tubes, which are primarily designed for double-sided sign lighting.

How do I compare efficiency?

Lumens/Watt (lm/W) is a great way to evaluate efficiency across LED tubes. The higher the number, the more efficient the light is. To give you an idea, a typical 4ft fluorescent tube is rated at 58 lumens/Watt. Our 4ft LED tubes range from 105 lumens/Watt to 150 lumens/Watt. As you can see, even our least efficient LED tube is nearly twice as energy efficient as a standard fluorescent tube! You can find this number in the Specifications section of every product page.

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