Here's Why Not to Put it Off a Day Longer

IT'S NOT NEWS TO ANYONE that electricity rates are going up. Our own provider, Pennsylvania Electric Company (PECO), recently announced an 11% increase. On average, across the country, electricity prices are up 7.5% from last year, according to Industry Drive. And the rise is expected to continue.

See Your Utility Bill Go Down Even While Rates Shoot Up

The longer you wait to upgrade your lighting, the bigger your bills are going to get. One quick way to turn that around, and to reduce your lighting maintenance and air conditioning costs at the same time, is to go ahead and get that long-awaited lighting upgrade done now. Especially before the dark days of winter are upon us, when not only will your rates be higher but your usage climbs as well.

What If Your Lights Have Already Been Upgraded to LED?

The opportunity to reduce your lighting bill in a time of rising energy costs holds true even if the lighting you're running is already LED, if those LED lamps and luminaires were installed 5 or more years ago. Back then, LED efficiencies were less (sometimes far less) than 100 lm/Watt. That was a breakthrough for its time, but new LED technology now offers ultra high efficiency operation of 150 lm/Watt to 200 lm/Watt. 

Monthly Energy Cost for New LED, Old LED, and Legacy Lighting

Multiply these costs by the number of fixtures in—and outside of—your building, and you see the difference start to add up to real money.

Today's LED Options Are Better Than Ever

Not only has LED lighting grown by leaps and bounds efficiency-wise, but build quality and features have improved as well. Now you can get field-selectable fixtures that allow you to set wattage and color during install, where you can evaluate the options in your actual space before finalizing your decisions. Or you can update your linear fixtures using LED retrofit kits capable of connecting to smart dimming controls. You can even get panel lights that can be customized, now or later, with USB controls. Browse our store, or reach out to our lighting experts for project assistance. 

Best of All: Your Upgrade May Not Even Cost You Much Out of Pocket!

The federal government continues to fund energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs that are available to commercial lighting customers through many utility companies across the country. Take advantage of this subsidy! It's free money in return for using less electricity.

And, again, these incentive programs can be utilized even if you're upgrading from LED to LED, as long as the increase in efficiency justifies it.

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