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Germicidal UVC Lamps

UVC Germicidal Lamps for Disinfection

  • Germicidal UV (GUV) lamps are designed to deactivate viruses like COVID-19 at a cellular level, along with bacteria, mold, spores, mites, and 99% of parasites
  • The technology pays for itself in saved labor & consumables costs when replacing manual disinfecting operations
  • Unlike chemical disinfecting agents, UVC leaves no residue or toxic odors
  • UVC eliminates the need to replenish and store chemicals or to launder/dispose of cleaning wipes

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  1. Germicidal UVC Disinfecting Linear Light
    from ($165.00 ea.)
    ( From: $149.00
    Wattage 40W-80W
  2. UVC Germicidal Corn Light with Built-In Safety Features
    from ($169.00 ea.)
    ( From: $159.00
    Wattage 60W-80W
  3. Commercial Grade 60W Handheld UVC Sanitizer
    ($1,499.00 ea.)
    Wattage 60W
  4. UVC Disinfection Tower
    from ($2,699.00 ea.)
    Wattage 160W-400W
  5. UVC Device Locker with Digital Information Kiosk
    ($2,999.00 ea.)

5 Items

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