LED Retrofits for Street Lights

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30W Shoebox & Wall Pack LED Retrofit

Replaces 100W • E26 or E39 base

Sale price$65.00
54W LED Flat Corn Light

Replaces 250W • E39 base

Regular price$69.88
Sale price $65.95 6% OFF
Ships same day
Flat Corn Light - Wattage Selectable: 115W/95W/75W - Up to 16,100 lumens

Replaces 250W to 400W • E39 base

Regular price$104.88
Sale price $78.95 25% OFF
Ships same day
50W Shoebox & Wall Pack LED Retrofit

Replaces 175W - E26 or E39 base

Sale price$97.88
110W Corn Light – Convertible from Round to Flat

Replaces 400W HID, 200W CFL • E39 base

Regular price$119.88
Sale price $102.95 14% OFF
Ships same day
80W Shoebox & Wall Pack LED Retrofit

Replaces 250W • E39 base

Sale price$174.88
110W Shoebox & Wall Pack LED Retrofit

Replaces 400W • E39 base

Sale price$219.88

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LED Street Light Retrofit Solutions

Explore transformative LED retrofit solutions for street lights that combine cutting-edge technology with energy efficiency to revitalize your urban landscapes. Our range of street light retrofits is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing street light fixtures, providing superior illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Ideal for municipalities aiming to enhance public safety and curb energy expenses, our LED retrofit solutions are the pathway to a brighter, safer, and more sustainable urban environment. Discover the optimal lighting upgrade that aligns with your city's vision for innovation and environmental responsibility.