Which Linear LED High Bay Light is Right for You?

When it comes to illuminating large spaces with high ceilings, linear LED high bay lights are a great choice. They offer energy efficiency, long lifespans, and superior light output, making them ideal for warehouses, industrial facilities, gyms, and other similar environments. But which type should you choose? Let’s break down the common options…

Standard LED Linear High Bay Lights

A standard linear high bay LED light comes with a set wattage level, lumen output, and color temperature. We offer options that are value-driven as well as high-end for a wide range of ceiling heights.

Vapor Tight LED Linear High Bay Lights

Our vapor tight light fixture is a linear high bay designed to ensure reliable performance in very demanding conditions. This type of linear LED high bay light is extra resistant to water, dust, bugs, impact, and high ambient temperatures.

Color & Wattage Selectable LED Linear High Bay Lights

For more flexibility in your wattage level, lumen output, and color temperatures when purchasing a bulk order linear high bay LED lights, you will want to choose selectable lighting. That way, each linear high bay light can be set during installation to provide the perfect lighting for each area of your building.

Get the Perfect Lighting for Your High Ceiling Application

Selecting the right linear LED high bay light is crucial for achieving optimal lighting in your commercial or industrial space. ELEDLights has a collection of linear high bay LED fixtures that provide a range of options to cater to different lighting requirements. Whether you need efficient lighting for a medium-sized warehouse or powerful illumination for a large manufacturing facility, these fixtures provide energy efficiency, durability, and superior light output.

To get started with your high ceiling lighting project, reach out to our on-staff experts. They can provide high bay lighting layouts, lighting design services, rebate research, and more – all at no extra cost for our customers. Contact us by calling, texting, or emailing us today!

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